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Roger Velasquez & The Latin Legendz release ‘Mi Vida Mi Mundo’ music video

Roger Velasquez | YouTube

The highly-anticipated music video for “Mi Vida Mi Mundo” from Roger Velasquez and the Latin Legendz premiered on Friday.

The song is from the San Antonio, Texas-based band’s Latin Grammy Award-winning album Tex-Mex Funk.

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Velazquez spoke to Tejano Nation briefly about how this song came about saying, “It’s all about our community, our Raza. We really wanted to portray that in our music.”

Velasquez is a BMI songwriter and a voting member of The Recording Academy and the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. He has written songs such as “Mal Hombre” for Hollywood Pictures “Blood In Blood Out” and “La Sirena” for the film “Gino’s Wife,” also the number one hit song “Trago Profundo.”

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WATCH: “Mi Vida Mi Mundo” — Roger Velazquez & The Latin Legendz


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