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Roger Velasquez and The Latin Legendz win first Latin Grammy for Best Tejano Album

A new achievement for Roger Velasquez and The Latin Legendz as the group won Best Tejano Album at the 19th annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday.

It was the first nomination for the San Antonio-based band, who took home the prize for their album Tex Mex Funk.

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Other nominees for the Best Tejano Album included late Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz, Michael Salgado, Grupo Alamo, and Proyecto Insomnio.

During his acceptance speech, frontman Roger Velasquez talked about his time in the industry, “We have been in Tejano Music for many years; this is a dream come true for me.”

The other nominees shared their support for the band’s win, as well as consideration to the Latin Recording Academy for returning the category to the awards after it was removed last year for low submissions.

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“We would like to congratulate Roger Velasquez and the Latin Legendz for their win on this 2018 Best Tejano Album,” said Mike Armenta of Proyecto Insomnio. “We will continue our modern approach to Tejano music with our signature Tejano alternative fusions always trying to get all genres together within the Tejano sound.”

“In the music industry, the Grammys are the pinnacle, the best of the best and we are very honored and blessed to be there,” said Ernie Gonzales of Grupo Alamo. “For Tejano music to be recognized on a national level on awards show like the Latin Grammys is a huge deal for our industry and should never be taken for granted because, like we found out last year, the opportunity can be gone in the blink of an eye.”

The Tejano scene will be back in the spotlight once again for Tejano music’s biggest night at the 38th annual Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio, Texas on November 17. Stay tuned to Tejano Nation for complete coverage.

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