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9-year-old singer Mia releases ‘La Reina Del Mundo’ video

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YouTube | Mia

Young Tejano singer Mia released the official video for her Latin pop dance track “La Reina Del Mundo” on Sunday.

The 9-year-old singer who plans to release a Tejano album soon, shows her versatility with this new track and video. “La Reina Del Mundo” is Mia’s first crossover song in english with spanish fusion and was written and produced by Ryan ‘G Clef’ Welch. It’s a motivational song that is meant to empower youth, especially young girls.

The visual was directed and produced by Ryan Bazan and filmed at locations throughout Austin, Texas.

“I just witnessed a future star being born at Mia’s music video shoot,” said David Munoz, editor of Nuestra Music Magazine. “Even though she’s in grade school, Mia Garcia has all the entertaining qualities of a teenage singing sensation and I definitely see all this young talent growing into something special.”

Mia has already released videos for her earlier singles, including her debut single, “El Perdón,” a cover of the 2015 Nicky Jam hit.  She also released a touching video, “Cuando Los Angeles Lloran” (English: When The Angels Cry) dedicated to her cousin. Her other visuals include a Mother’s Day video, “Mamá,” a remake of the 2013 Siggno hit, and her previous video, “Pepe Le Pew,” a cover of the 1991 hit from La Sombra de Tony Guerrero.

WATCH: “La Reina Del Mundo” – Mia

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