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Discos Solcar signs Missy, releases ‘La Hija De Nadie’ single [AUDIO]

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Missy signs with Solcar Records, releases “La Hija De Nadie” single. (Missy | Facebook)

Discos Solcar, the upstart record label created by Carlos Y Los Cachorros frontman Carlos Rodriguez, announced the signing of singer Missy and released her new single “La Hija De Nadie.”

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“The song is pure conjunto,” said Discos Solcar CEO Carlos Rodriguez. “This is just an ice breaker and we look forward to completing her album and sending it out.”

“La Hija De Nadie” is a remake of the 1972 hit from Yolanda Del Rio, but in pure Missy style.

Missy, formerly from Missy Y Xpression, took a break from the Tejano music scene to start a family.

“Three years after my daughter Melody was born I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in 2009,” Missy told Tejano Nation. “After my chemotherapy and radiation treatments, five years later, I was considered a cancer survivor!  At that time I knew it was time to get back to the music and make some noise.”

The singer from Pearsall, Texas says her music is influenced by powerful female vocalists.

“I grew up listening to women with powerful vocals like Yolanda Del Rio, Rocio Durcal, Laura Canales,” she said. “That’s where I was inspired to record ‘La Hija De Nadie’, in an upbeat ranchera.”

Since coming back to music in April of 2015, Missy has been playing venues across South Texas, San Antonio, with plans to perform in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth area in the upcoming months with the backing of Solcar Record.

“We’ve got 75% of the album done, get ready all the rancheras and cumbias are all upbeat,” said Missy. “Hopefully everyone will enjoy my music and request it. So keep looking out for Missy to play in a town or city near you!”

For booking information, contact Martin Estrada at 210.367.8379 or Dora Herrera Gray at 210.326.9578.

LISTEN: “La Hija De Nadie” – Missy

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