Brother of Joe Lopez gives latest update on former singer in prison

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff
Facebook / Lorenzo Lopez
Facebook / Lorenzo Lopez

Lorenzo Lopez, brother of Mazz co-founder Joe Lopez, posted an update to friends and fans of the Tejano star via Facebook on Monday.

“Hello friends and fans of Joe Lopez Mazz,” he posted. “I got back from visiting with my brother Joe last night…we had a beautiful visit. He had just gotten back from Huntsville, they transferred him there because of the floods. I told him about Thursday night’s benefit dance where so many Tejano artist got together in his support.”

The benefit dance was held at Far West San Antonio on Thursday night and included appearances and performances from Tejano stars that are close friends and supporters of Joe Lopez. The money raised will go to help exonerate the singer, who was convicted in 2006 on multiple sex offense charges involving a minor. He was sentenced to 32 years in prison, but because he will serve the sentences concurrently, they amount to 20 years in prison.

“He broke down and got emotional when I told him the story of the man, who told me his testimony about being locked up for 22 years before being exonerated with the same charges Joe Lopez has today,” Lorenzo Lopez continued on Facebook.

The singer plans to show his appreciation for the benefit with a personal letter.

Joe also told me he is going to write a thank you letter to Rudy Lopez from Far West asking if Rudy will read it to his fans at the club and TV station,” Lorenzo Lopez posted.

Joe Lopez’s full prison term would end on October 27, 2026. He is eligible for parole on October 26, 2016.


14 comments on “Brother of Joe Lopez gives latest update on former singer in prison

  1. Elena Rodriguez

    Praying for you Joe.


    • Alfred Aguilar

      I hope you get out this coming parole date I know you are a nice God fearing man Iv.been in there and it sucks. You have lots of fans here in Austin TX. Hope jesus CHRIST brings you home to be with your family.all things are possible with god.sincerely alfred Aguilar.





  3. Alma Morales

    We love you Joe and we are praying for you. Those of us who believe in you and support you are your fans now and forever. Even if you didn’t know us personally, you always brought us so much joy and happiness through your music. We will never rest until you walk out of that place……stay strong and know that you have many friends who are keeping you in thought and prayer.


    • tomasa rodriguez

      I never thought you could do a thing like they accused you off but oh well you will soon be out n with gods help you will be on your way dnt know me but I love your music n will be praying tht everything goes well n I hope I get to go see you when you sing again on stage very n prayers from all of us in Waco texas


  4. We love you Joe. I know I have judge other people and it’s not right. It’s like my parents say “If we weren’t there when it happened. Why judge.. Only God,you and the other person knows what happen.” I have made mistakes in my life. But why are people judging me when they don’t know what happen behind closed doors. All we can do is prayer for each other. God Bless You and Your Family.


  5. Saea Lopez

    Joe Lopez we are paying for you and hoping that on october you come out and perform in your hometown Brownsville Texas


  6. Ruthie Phillips

    Prayers he gets out


  7. We wish you the very best of luck on 10.26.16


  8. Angie guerrero

    We love Joe Lopez prayed to God you be out 2016


  9. yolanda cuellar

    God is great..I’ll b praying for u tht evrythng goes good on 10\16.we love u Joe Lopez…U alwys gonna b number 1!!!! Frm port lavaca Texas…


  10. Rene Montelongo

    Prayers for you Joe


  11. Nancy S. Garza

    God is great! and so are you for God has given you the special gift of your beautiful voice that brings Family, Friends, & Lovers together in harmony. your music always brings the best out of us, and reminds us of the long road called life, you & your music holds so many fawned memories. I hope all the prayers of all your fans including mine touches GODS hand and reaches you and once again we will be able not only hear your music but see you where you belong on Stage!! I know I’ll be the first in line to see you.. Keep Your Faith don’t loose your Hope and know that the Love all your fans have for you will bring you Freedom. Stay Strong and remember Gods Greatest gift…
    There are three things that will endure FAITH, HOPE, & LOVE and the greatest of is LOVE!! CORINTHIAN 13:13
    McAllen, Texas


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