Devin Banda officially signs with Warbucks Music Group

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Warbucks Music Group President Randy Saenz and Devin Banda (Facebook photo)
Warbucks Music Group President Randy Saenz and Devin Banda (Facebook photo)

Rising Tejano singer Devin Banda made it official on Thursday, signing with Warbucks Music Group.

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The 20-year-old singer released a holiday track with the upstart record label back in December and a teaser video for her new single, “Adios Y Buena Suerte,” last month, but made the deal official with Cuero, Texas-based company on Thursday (March 24).

“I am very proud and thankful for this opportunity,” Banda told Tejano Nation. “As a new artist I understand how difficult it can be to begin. We don’t know what to do and where to turn. After meeting with Warbucks, getting to know them and spend time with them, I knew they were the perfect fit. Warbucks has a game plan to help its artists become successful. I feel so blessed and am so ready for everyone to hear our CDs. Thank you to everyone for the support and wishing all artists’ success.”

Warbucks Music Group will now work on Banda’s much anticipated debut album with an expected release for Summer 2016.

“We are honored to have Devin Banda as part of the Warbucks music family, but most importantly we are honored to have Yoli Romo, her mother, as part of the family also,” Warbucks Music Group President Randy Saenz said about Banda’s signing. “Having 10 children of my own, I think it is vital and important that the parent also feel comfortable with the choices their children make and we want you involved with a support system like that…thank you for choosing us and looking forward to the release and all the surprises coming this year.”

Banda began her career as a back-up vocalist with Angel Gonzalez Y Vimana in 2012 after finishing second in the 2012 Tejano Idol competition, sponsored by the Austin Tejano Music Coalition.  The singer than releases her solo debut single, “Yo Te Dije” in late 2014 and her second single, “Si Pudiera Regresar,” in summer of 2015.  She also announced her engagement with La Mafia guitarist Viktor Pacheko in September 2015.

Warbucks Music Group is a faith-based entertainment company and independent record label that currently has a few artists on its roster, including the legendary Tejano band Alfredo Y Tortilla Factory, Tejano newcomer Jessie Marie, and Latin sensation Julio El Catras.  For more information about Warbucks Music Group visit their official website at

WATCH: “Yo Te Dije” by Devin Banda

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