Warbucks Music Group signs 16-year-old singer Jessie Marie

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Jessie Marie signs with Warbuck Music Group, from l-r, Randy Saenz, Maria Pertales, Jessie Marie, Yoli Romo (Munoz Snapshots)
Jessie Marie signs with Warbucks Music Group, from left to right, Randy Saenz, Maria Perales, Jessie Marie, Yoli Romo (Munoz Snapshots)

Tejano newcomer Jessie Marie signed a recording contract with Warbucks Music Group on Thursday (February 25).

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The talented 16-year-old singer from San Antonio, with a passion for all genres of music, was very thankful for the opportunity to sign with the upstart record label.

“I would like to thank Randy (Saenz) and Yoli (Romo) for giving me the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people and believing that I am an asset to their music group,” Jessie Marie told Tejano Nation.

Warbuck Music Group’s talent roster includes legendary Tejano band Tortilla Factory, 2015 Tejano Music Awards nominee Juaquin Cura, 2012 Tejano Idol runner-up Devin Banda, and Latin sensation Julio El Catras.

About Jessie Marie

Jessie Marie is the fifth child of six siblings. She is a sophomore at Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas. The bubbly energetic teenager loves to entertain the world with her charismatic voice and amazing stage presence. Jessie Marie started singing at the age of 5, she was loved by many and started building a fan base at the age of 12, where she started to perform at the historic Market Square in San Antonio.  At the age of 14, Jessie was the first Tejanita in the Tejano industry to perform in night clubs throughout the state of Texas. She then started touring with three-time Grammy Award nominee Eddie Gonzales for two years.  Her career then took a turn for the best, when she recorded her debut single, “Ese Muchacho,” written by Sevy Contreras and Carlos Herrera. The video for the single, produced by Ryan Bazan, became an internet sensation for the young singer.

PHOTOS: Jessie Marie signs with Warbucks Music Group

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