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Devin Banda releases teaser video for new single ‘Adios Y Buena Suerte’

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Devin Banda released a teaser video for her new single “Adios Y Buena Suerte” on Wednesday.

The visual, filmed and produced by Jimencio Castillon, showcases the 20-year-old singer walking across the Faust Street Bridge in New Braunfels, Texas, with an audio clip of  her new single, a follow-up to her previous hits “Yo Te Dije” and “Si Pudiera Regresar.”

“Adios Y Buena Suerte” is written by Saraly Obregon of the Monterrey, Mexico-based Tejano group Saraly Y La Promesa and is produced by a new 21-year-old producer, singer and songwriter. His name will be revealed soon.

The full single is expected to be released by Warbucks Music Group/Platinum Edge Records before the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in March and Tejano Nation will have the full single and video for you when it becomes available.

Banda is scheduled to perform at 2016 TMA Fan Fair on Thursday, March 17 at 4:00 p.m. on the San Saba North Stage (subject to change). Check for the latest TMA Fan Fair schedule.

WATCH: Teaser video for “Adios Y Buena Suerte” by Devin Banda

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