Tejano Swagg Internet Radio launches this summer

The Tejano internet station plans to launch on July 1, 2023.

Sean Zambrano, aka Mr Tejano Swagg, had music in his blood since a youngster. He was introduced to music at a very young age by his father Carney Zambrano, who was the sound engineer for Albert “Tiger” Diaz, David Marez, Xelencia, and Tormenta, just to name a few. His resume list goes on for all genres of music but his passion is Tejano music.


As a young kid, Sean hung out at his local radio station, KCTI 1450 AM & 106.3 FM, where he observed and soaked everything up like a sponge because he knew one day he would become a radio personality.

Fast forward to 2014, he was asked to become the Program Director of a new Tejano music show called “The Caliente Show” with Angie Reyes, on KCTI 1450 AM. He loved every minute of it because he did some amazing interviews. The bands ranged from Grupo Klazz, Lucky Joe, Elida Reyna, Latin Breed, Michael Salgado, Jesse Turner, and the list goes on. He then took time off to work on other projects, away from music after the show ended.

From 2016 – 2017, Sean got a call from Angie C Reyes to join Greg Ramirez and John Anthony Vega on KLZZ Internet Radio, and without hesitation, he accepted the offer. Not only was he the program Director of The new program, “The Caliente Show with Angie and Sean,” but he took the role of cohost. During that time, he got asked to create his own show, “The Rock Connection with Hotwheels Zambrano.”

At that time, he took the driver’s seat. “I was definitely nervous and scared because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing plus I had a stutter and when I get nervous or anxious, that’s when I do triplets when I talk,” laughed Sean.

As time went by he got comfortable and then the Klzz team couldn’t get him off that mic. From there, he did multiple shows and created some great relationships with Tejano artists and listeners.

“I wanna give a huge thank you to Greg Ramirez and John Anthony Vega for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime to make my dream a reality,” he said. “I appreciate everything y’all did for me and it will never be taken for granted.”

The year 2020 was crucial for all and was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in one way shape, or form. “I kept the station going just as much as I could. Then covid hit and the station had to end,” said Sean Zambrano.

He then met Gracie Perez, who now is his wife. “As we got to know each other we found out we had a lot in common with our favorite genre, Tejano music,” he added.

Sean Sambrano, aka “Mr. Tejano Swag,” and wife, Gracie Zambrano aka Tejanita Gracie

In 2022, the couple moved from Lubbock back to Gonzales, Texas. He had a lot of peers in the Tejano industry along with family and friends ask him when was he getting back on the air? His response was always, “Soon. Very soon, just be patient”

Jumping forward to this year, his wife Gracie Zambrano. aka Tejanita Gracie, mentioned to him that Vic Gonzales would host his last Internet Radio Station Gala in San Antonio Texas, and that he should be a part of the event and promote their new station, Tejano Swagg Radio.

The station planned for launch on July 1, 2023, will feature a playlist featuring established artists and focusing on the new talent that is rising in the Tejano genre. The internet station will include a couple of DJs spinning the tunes.

“I wanna give thanks to God for blessing me with this talent. Without God, none of this would be possible,” stated Sean. “Thank you to Tejano Nation, for this opportunity to let people know what’s to come with Tejano Swagg Radio and with a vengeance. Please continue to support all internet-based radio stations along with your terrestrial stations as well!”

“Tejano music isn’t dead, it’s evolving. And I’ll leave yall with this IF THE DREAM IS BIG ENOUGH THE FACTS DON’T COUNT,” Mr. Tejano Swagg.

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