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Eric Lee premieres ‘Tejano Pop’ official music video

The third-generation singer released the visual for his lead single from upcoming solo debut EP

Eric Lee — “Tejano Pop” Official Music Video
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Eric Lee premiered the official music video for “Tejano Pop,” the lead single from the third-generation Tejano singer’s upcoming solo debut Tejano EP. It’s Eric Lee’s story told by award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala, who wrote and produced the track.


“This song is a story of a boy who grew up as the child of a Tejano singer, whose style may be a little different but nothing will stop him from carrying on the legacy of his family,” said Eric Lee.

Eric Lee Villarreal is the son of Lee Villarreal from Los Desperadoz. He is the third generation of Villarreal musicians, who officially joined Los Desperadoz on February 14, 2018, spending just over two years with the Latin Grammy-nominated group recording one album and becoming a part of the family legacy. Joining the band wasn’t given because he was a Villarreal. Eric Lee was nervous to sing in front of his dad, not because of criticism but knowing that his dad was very influential in the Tejano genre.

“I have manifested this moment to share my own music and art with you y’all,” added Eric Lee. “I am beyond proud of myself for pushing through all the negativity nothing and no one will stop me from living out my dream!”

The visual for the biographical track is the first official music video for Eric Lee who came up with the set concept that was built by himself with Sebastian Photography and features the amazing videography of award-winning music video director Ryan Bazan which brought Eric Lee’s vision to fruition.

“Bringing all my ideas to life has truly been a blessing that I do not take for granted I have truly loved the process in creating my art,” said Eric Lee. “It’s been a tough journey but it’s honestly been so much fun!”

The Tejano EP is expected to be released within the next few months.

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