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Rising Tejano star Gabriella Martinez named host of ‘Tejano Next’ on Tejano 360 Network

The Tejano newcomer takes over as host of the show that features emerging artists of the Tejano industry.

Gabriella Martinez with Eric Lee on the set of ‘Tejano Next’ | Photo: Tejano 360 Network

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Tejano Next announces Tejano rising star Gabriella Martinez as the show’s new host beginning this week. The Tejano music newcomer, who was raised in Florida but now calls Texas home, released her debut single, “No Hay Nadie,” earlier this year and the tune is currently a chart-topping Tejano hit. As an inspiring Tejano artist herself, Martinez becomes the latest addition to the Tejano 360 Network family as host of Tejano Next.


Tejano Next focuses on showcasing next-generation Tejano artists and their music with exclusive interviews. Tejano fans will be introduced to emerging artists working hard to ensure that Tejano music is not forgotten and continues onward.

Martinez stated, “It feels amazing! I never thought I’d be given this opportunity to be honest because of how new I am in this industry, but I’m incredibly thankful for everyone that has believed in me, and that has helped me get to this point in my career. I love meeting new people and just making new friends with every show, and I love being a part of the Tejano 360 Network family. It doesn’t even feel like a job to me! I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing, and I hope everyone enjoys the show.”

The premiere of Tejano Next as host is scheduled for Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 6 p.m. with Tejano Next generation artist Eric Lee. The show is recorded at the Tejano 360 Network studio and streams exclusively on Tejano 360+ apps and Roku. New episodes will be released every other Thursday at 3 pm.

Tejano 360 Network specializes in programming that targets an audience that loves Tejano culture featuring programs like Tejano Late Night, Tejano Next, and Chicana Chisme. In April 2020, Tejano 360 Network began streaming its programming on its website, It, then, transitioned to Tejano 360+ mobile app (iOS and Android) and OTT (Over-the-top) media service via Roku in late 2021 to meet the demands of its targeted audience. Tejano 360 Network through its social media platforms is a Tejano influencer. Across the
different social media outlets, thousands of Tejano fans are being reached globally.

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