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Busy Year for Sarah Monique with Fresh Music Releases

The singer released two songs over the past two months to begin 2023, including a duet with Jerry Alvarez

Sarah Monique and Jerry Alvarez | Courtesy of Mar Records

It has been a busy year for Sarah Monique. The singer released two singles over the first two months of 2023, an ode to the love of God and a powerful romantic duet with Latin Grammy nominee Jerry Alvarez.


In January, she released “Yo Sin Tu Amor,” a beautiful and heartfelt ode to the love of God. Released under New Horizon Entertainment, and written by Yayo Anguiano and Cesar Morkecho. The song speaks to the idea that life without God’s love is a life without direction. The soft Norteño light style cumbia reminds us that without God, we are nothing. The gentle rhythm and instrumentation create a soothing atmosphere, making it the perfect song for reflection and meditation. Sarah Monique’s beautiful voice perfectly captures the essence of the song, delivering heartfelt lyrics that are sure to touch the hearts of all who listen. The message of the song is one of hope and inspiration, reminding us that no matter what challenges we may face, God’s love is always there to guide us and give us strength.

As you listen to “Yo Sin Tu Amor,” the hope is that it reminds you of the power of faith and the importance of putting your trust in God, for it is a source of comfort and strength as you navigate the challenges of the new year and life in general.

Sarah Monique — “Yo Sin Tu Amor”
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In a world that can often feel chaotic and overwhelming, it’s important to take time to reflect on the things that truly matter. For Sarah Monique, that means giving thanks to God and sharing her message of faith and love through her music, and with “Yo Sin Tu Amor,” she has done just that.

So take a moment to listen to this beautiful song and let its message fill your heart with hope and inspiration. Whether you are facing challenges in your personal life or the world around you, remember that God’s love is always there to guide you. With faith and perseverance, anything is possible.

Fast forward to February and we have another release, featuring a special collaboration. Under Mar Records, “Celebremos El Amor” is the latest single by Sarah Monique featuring Jerry Alvarez, a powerful romantic duet. Sarah, a three-time Tejano Music Awards nominee, and Jerry, a Latin Grammy nominee, singer-songwriter, and producer, combined their talents to create this beautiful song.

“Celebremos El Amor” is a romantic cumbia that is all about setting everything aside and enjoying the fruits of love. The lyrics were perfect for an uplifting celebration of love, with lines such as “Haz las penas a un lado, y apaga el cellular. Ven y toma mi mano, vente vamos a bailar.” The song was produced and written by Jerry Alvarez and was sure to capture the hearts of many.

“The reason I wanted to record it is because it speaks on love it speaks on celebrating something positive,” Sarah Monique tells Tejano Nation. “A lot of the time, couples are so distracted with the things such as social media, being on their phones, dealing with work, stress, and other problems. This is just a really great song to express how important it is to keep that intimacy between the two, to not stop dating one another. Jerry actually showed me this song a couple of years ago, it just resurfaced, I prayed about it, God gave me the go-ahead and we decided to collaborate and do this song together.”

The song’s release had come at a perfect time, Valentine’s Day, when people are in search of love and connection. With its upbeat melody and soulful lyrics, “Celebremos El Amor” is the perfect choice for those looking to celebrate their love and relationships.

Sarah Monique’s and Jerry Alvarez’s chemistry is evident in the song, and their voices blend beautifully to create a magical experience. The music video, which has been released alongside the song, showcased the duo’s talent and added a visual element to the romantic lyrics.

Sarah Monique ft. Jerry Alvarez — “Celebremos El Amor” (Video Oficial)
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The song has received an overwhelming response from fans, with many praising Sarah and Jerry for their outstanding performance.

“Celebremos El Amor” is a testament to the power of love and the magic that can happen when two talented artists come together. The song has already captured the hearts of many, and it is sure to continue doing so.

“Although I’m an independent artist, Mar Records and I decided to come together and collaborate on something for listeners to enjoy,” added Sarah Monique. “We’ve continued to remain in contact and work together. I still have plans to record music for Jesus Christ, as well as music that will bring a positive message to help others. New music is definitely coming and I hope everybody will enjoy it!”

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