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Latin Breed returns with highly-anticipated new single ‘Sientes Igual’

The song is the lead single from highly-anticipated new album from the legendary group due out May 2023.

Courtesy of M Group Music

The Latin Breed recently signed with M Group and the legendary band is set to drop the debut single with the San Antonio-based record label later this month, one of two new studio tracks that will be part of a highly-anticipated new album.


“It’s an honor to welcome one of the most legendary bands to M Group Music,” said Jorge Marroquin, CEO/Owner of M Group Music, in a statement. “We have the privilege to be part of history as together we will be recording the first-ever ‘live’ album for The Latin Breed! Along with two brand new studio tracks.”

A first-ever live concert album from Latin Breed is expected to be finished this year, which will include two new studio tracks. The first of those tracks is “Sientes Igual,” a song written by Latin Grammy winner Juan Treviño and 16-time Grammy and Latin Grammy winner Gilbert Velasquez.

“It’s a great production and we’re excited,” said Charlie Rodriguez, bandleader of The Latin Breed. “The good thing about Gilbert Velasquez is that he played for The Breed for years. He knows The Breed’s sound, he knows The Breed’s style. It’s a perfect fit all the way around and we’re very blessed we’re able to work with Gilbert and with Juan Trevino.”

The song, also produced by Velasquez, deals with a man in love with a woman who likes him back but doesn’t want to show it even though he has tried everything because he knows she ‘feels the same’ way he does.

Latin Breed — “Sientes Igual”
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The iconic 10-piece band is celebrating 54 years in the music industry this year, recording many iconic albums and several chart-topping songs.

“The Latin Breed is based off of a lot of jazz theory, blues, and rock. It is infused into our music and it’s always been that way,” said Rodriguez. “The founder, Rudy Guerra, in 1969 that was his whole goal was to bring Tejano music, or Chicano music what it was called back then, to the next level, and we’re blessed that The Latin Breed has been able to stay there and every recording we feel has to be better than the next but we’re here just keeping the tradition going.”

Latin Breed lead singer Ben Miranda added, “It’s an exciting time right now for some new music coming out from The Latin Breed and then also of course being able to capture the live show which has been doing very well for us.”

“Sientes Igual” from Latin Breed is available on all digital music platforms and the band is in the studio working on more music and expects to release an EP by the end of May 2023.

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