Stevie D drops music video teaser of ‘Porque Tú’ featuring Rebecca Valadez

The official music video for the romantic cumbia will premiere on Thursday, Jan. 12.

Photo: YouTube/Freddie Records TV

Freddie Records gave a first look at the upcoming music video for “Porque Tú” the romantic cumbia from award-winning Tejano singer Stevie D featuring two-time Latin Grammy winner Rebecca Valadez.


“Porque Tú” was written by Stevie D and Jay Alaniz. Stevie D also produced the track with Freddie Martinez Jr. at the famous Legends Sound Studios in Corpus Christi, Texas, featuring an “all-star cast” of top-tier musicians including session drummer and group member Aaron Holler, session accordionist Lalo Mora, studio engineer Mariano Herrera on guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion, and the unmistakable smooth vocals of GRAMMY nominee Valadez.

“We found a hidden gem here,” Stevie D said of Valadez in an interview with The AC Cruz Podcast. “She’s not a backup vocalist for this band, she’s a featured artist.”

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The romantic cumbia with an irresistibly catchy melody and sing-song chorus feature lyrics that speak about the pain of a broken relationship and the struggle to rebuild it all for love, a theme that resonates with everyone.

“Rebecca and I sing to each other. It’s not really a duet but she’s got her own part,” added Stevie D. “It’s a little bit about traicione amor (betrayed love). It’s a badass cumbia. I’m not saying that because I wrote it but because the arrangement came in and it all just gelled.”

The official music video for “Porque Tú” is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. CST on the Freddie Records YouTube channel.

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