Adriana Gallardo teams with Lorenzo Mendez for her annual ‘Reyes Magos Drive-Thru’ for California community

'Reyes Magos Drive Thru' seeks to make traditions prevail in the Latino community and Adriana's Insurance has been doing it for 10 years.

Reyes Magos Drive-Thru 2021 | Courtesy photo

SANTA ANA, CA. — As has become a tradition for a decade, Latina businesswoman, influencer, and speaker Adriana Gallardo will hold her traditional “Reyes Magos Drive-Thru”, only now she has as a companion with popular Regional Mexican singer Lorenzo Méndez, another outstanding Latin celebrity who, like her, has managed to become exemplary figures thanks to the dedication, perseverance, and work that they have always shown.


The event will take place on January 6, 2023, in the city of Santa Ana, California, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., where Gallardo and Mendez will become the representatives of “the Three Wise Men”, handing out toys to children, food boxes, and 300 roscas at the event presented by Adriana’s Insurance, Jarritos, Camaronazo, Chocolate Ibarra, D’Gari, and the La Perrona sauce brand, at Superior Grocers, located at 1710 S. Main St. in Santa Ana, California.

El Día de Los Reyes Magos is a Hispanic tradition in honor of the Three Wise Men’s journey to visit and deliver gifts to baby Jesus.  It is celebrated annually on January 6 with gifts for the children, food, and the famous Rosca de Reyes!

One of Gallardo’s very clear goals is precisely to comply with Adriana’s Insurance’s philosophy, which is to be an active part of the community and even function as a spark to help people apply their talents and abilities, setting an example that translates into helping the community and the people who fight night and day to get ahead and achieve their dreams, just as she did in her past.

Gallardo, along with her personal projects as an entrepreneur, is also a woman committed to women’s empowerment, and is known for her capabilities as an outstanding, recognized, and appreciated speaker, and a close friend of countless powerful and influential in the community. Prominent names in different media and markets see her as a successful Latina woman, powerful and determined to reach the pinnacle of success.

This January 6, Adriana Gallardo and Lorenzo Méndez will give back to the community as the pair have endured their own hard struggle and work to become pillars of the industry, each one as a leader, something that it is clear to both of them, which is why they strive with the serenity and responsibility that their roles in society requires.


  • She founded “Chingona Circle”, a group that empowers women with tools that make it easier for them to develop, feel fulfilled and thus find the best in themselves.
  • She is a bestselling author and international speaker, through her successful work she inspires people to face fear and achieve what they set out to do.
  • She Is a leading figure and highly sought after by the Univisión, Telemundo, and Azteca América networks, as well as El Nuevo Herald, Forbes, and Vogue among many others. She is a columnist for national and international newspapers such as La opinión, El Diario de NY, Nuevo Herald, and the Chicago Tribune.

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