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Karina surprises with ‘Yo soy tu vicio,’ a new single with great Mexican influence

The singer-songwriter and actress plans a new album with a fusion of Latin rhythms with a Mexican influence.

Karina — “Yo soy tu vicio” (Video Oficial)
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MIAMI, FL — Venezuelan singer-songwriter and actress Karina, who has crossed borders in Latin America and the world, released her new single “Yo soy tu vicio,” a work written by Enghel in collaboration with Guido Vílchez and the singer herself.


The new song is part of Karina’s highly-anticipated album “11/11”, available in its entirety in March 2023 with the aim of betting on change through the fusion of new musical genres.

For the singer, “never give up” is a famous phrase that represents her and that she has adopted to promote, reinvent and continue to achieve success. A clear example is a need to make different music, which leads her to share in current musical genres, breaking barriers and growing as a professional.

The music video, directed by Will Romero, an audiovisual director of Venezuelan origin, was recorded in Caracas. You can see a strong and risky Karina, accompanied by the Venezuelan actor Jesús de Alva.

“Yo soy tu vicio” is the gateway to a new musical genre, which goes beyond the ballad to which Karina has been accustomed, to give way to a Caribbean rhythm, very characteristic of the Mexican community.

In 2022, the singer starred in more than 60 shows between Venezuela, Colombia, Italy, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador, and the United States, the country where she has lived for 30 years.

The album “11/11” represents the evolution of Karina. It will be a fusion of Latin rhythms with a great Mexican influence, where you can find ballads, cumbia, and merengue. Also ranchera music, a genre with which she was impregnated while she was part of the “Grandiosas” concept in Mexico for more than ten years.

Karina will close out 2022 with a concert in Ecuador, along with Cristian Castro, while she plans to visit different Latin American countries in 2023.

“Yo soy tu vicio” is available on all digital platforms.

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