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Chiquis releases first Christmas song with reimagined bilingual ‘Jingle Bells (Vamos All The Way)’

The Latin Grammy winner adds a Spanglish cumbia twist to the holiday classic.

Latin Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Chiquis released her first Christmas song with “Jingle Bells (Vamos All The Way),” a new reimagined bilingual version of the iconic holiday song.


“It is definitely a happy song that says that you have to enjoy together, you have to find love because after the hard time that we all lived it was difficult to find a loving relationship, and here it is about being close, celebrating the holidays together,” Chiquis told Radio Notas. “I wanted to give something different to this classic song, but with a Latin flavor, a pop cumbia.”

The 37-year-old Mexican American singer, the eldest daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, gave the holiday classic a cumbia and Spanglish twist, along with a music video presented by the Latin dating app Chispa and Cocina.

Chiquis added, “I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas song and I feel like the time is right. Today more than ever I feel better physically, and emotionally, for me, it was a success that night recording that video that was a super long day but a lot of fun.”

Chiquis flirtatiously associates “Jingle Bells” with dating, friendship, and family.

Chiquis — “Jingle Bells Vamos All The Way)”
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“Jingle Bells (Vamos All The Way)” from Chiquis is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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