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The Homeboyz celebrate life with new single and video ‘Mi Ultimo Dia’

The award-winning Conjunto group releases lead single from highly-anticipated sophomore album.

The Homeboyz | Courtesy of La Llave Music Group & TexSound Publishing

The Homeboyz appeared on the Conjunto scene in 2021 and the group made up of former members of The Hometown Boys continues that traditional Conjunto sound with the release of their latest single, “Mi Ultimo Dia.”


The track is the lead single from the award-winning group’s upcoming sophomore album and was written by lead vocalist Elias Arredondo.

“One day I was just sitting there contemplating about life,” said Arredondo in an interview with Fierro HD‘s Bo & Jon Show on the Audacy app. “If God decided to go ahead and take me from this world one day, what would I like for someone to do and I would like them to basically celebrate everybody’s life rather than just sit there in mourning because you could mourn in your own ways.”

Arredondo wrote the song in under 10 minutes and sent it to Roman Reyes, The Homeboyz drummer and composer, who came up with the music for the song in a short period of time as well.

“It touches everybody. Everybody that loses a loved one,” Reyes said about the song in the interview. “When you see the video it’s just like, ‘You know what? This something that we do.’ In our culture in our Raza that is something that we do. Instead or mourning we celebrate their lives.”

The Homeboyz — “Mi Ultimo Dia”
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The Homeboyz released their self-titled debut album in 2021 with La Llave Music Group and led to multiple awards for the Conjunto group. The band earned New Artist of the Year honors at Premios Tejano Mundial earlier this year and Conjunto Album of the Year at the inaugural Guadalupe Conjunto Awards in June.

The Homeboyz feature former members of The Hometown Boys with each member spending time with the legendary band that was very influential in their love for Conjunto music.

“It was great to play along with Ramon Martinez (Sr.), a great legacy in Conjunto and that’s basically what our music is,” said Reyes. “We want to bring back the sound of the ’90s from the original Hometown Boys and I think we’re doing a great success with it. They were big idols for me growing up in the Conjunto industry.”

“Mi Ultimo Dia” from The Homeboyz is available on all digital music platforms and the group’s sophomore album entitled The Oddz is scheduled for release later this year.

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