Music legend Little Joe endorses Joe Jaworski for Texas Attorney General

The music legend placed his support behind the former Galveston mayor for Texas Attorney General in Democratic runoff election on May 24.

Little Joe endorses Joe Jaworski
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Tejano music fans know that music legend Little Joe is very passionate about politics. The Tejano icon recently endorsed Joe Jaworski for Texas Attorney General.


Jaworski is a candidate in the Democratic primary runoff for the state’s chief legal officer on May 24. He is the former mayor of Galveston, as well as a three-term councilman for the city. The experienced politician is a third-generation trial lawyer and the grandson of Watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski.

Little Joe stated in an online video, “Joe is a compassionate, experienced man of integrity and conviction. He cares about all Tejanos. Joe is a fighter, who will fight to make sure we all have equal justice under the law. Joe is a good, honest, hard-working family man and a great Texas Democrat. He will make a great honorable Texas Attorney General. Por favor, voten por mi amigo Joe Jaworski, it’s the right thing to do.”

On the endorsement from Little Joe, Jaworski commented, “He is a great Texas progressive and it feels good that he is on my side in this race.”

This is such a meaningful endorsement from the Tejano music icon for so many reasons — perhaps most notably because of the singer’s legendary work with the United Farm Workers Movement with Cesar Chavez. Little Joe endorsed Jaworski because he knows that as the next Texas Attorney General, Jaworski will do what he’s always done — stand up for those who need help and fight for what is right.

Jaworski’s priorities for Texas’ future include support of the Affordable Care Act, creating a Civil Rights Division to protect the civil rights of Texans, protection of reproductive rights, support for cities, counties, and school districts in their local decision making authority, and legalization of cannabis.

The many years of local government experience for Jaworski gives him a sense of what it takes for the future of the state as Texas Attorney General.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a state leader who would actually approach the job like he does a local leader,” Jaworski tells Tejano Nation. “Having coffee with constituents going all around the state visiting high schools, colleges, and law schools, recruiting the youth to care more about our society. I think they’re ready. The youth are watching some of the older leaders and they’re bewildered. They’re wondering, ‘Why are they acting that way?’ So, we have a duty to lead by example.”

Learn more about Joe Jaworski at

The primary runoff election for Texas is Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Early voting ends Friday, May 20. Mail-in ballots must be returned by May 24.

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