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Monica Saldivar exceeds expectations with full-length sophomore album ‘Soy Mas Fuerte’ (Deluxe Edition)

The award-winning singer dropped full-length sophomore album

Award-winning singer Monica Saldivar released her full-length sophomore album Soy Mas Fuerte (Deluxe Edition) on Friday, May 20. It follows her Soy Mas Fuerte EP released in June 2021 and her self-titled debut album in 2019 that earned her Top New Female Artist at the My Tejano Awards in 2019 and Best New Female Artist of the Year at the 40th Tejano Music Awards in 2020.


“It’s an incredible journey. This second album has a lot of different emotions and my first album was something that I was very proud of and this one is no different,” Saldivar tells Tejano Nation. “This one exceeded my expectations above and beyond. So I’m very thankful for this album being released today.”

The most recent single from the album is a cumbia version of the title track, “Soy Mas Fuerte,” the original was a mariachi version that brought awareness to domestic violence and won “Mariachi Song of the Year” at Premios Tejano Mundial 2022 in January, where the music video won Video of the Year for Saldivar and director Ryan Bazan.

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“The cumbia version of ‘Soy Mas Fuerte’ is actually very near and dear to my heart,” said Saldivar. “This was the very first time that my band got to actually record and it came out so amazing and I’m so grateful for this being the new single as well as with the release of the album.”

“I love all of the songs that are on here I hope everybody does too,” said Saldivar. “There’s a lot of tears a lot of joy a lot of being strong in certain situations, and also feeling very vulnerable. So this album is ultimately a journey of many different mixed emotions throughout the year. I’m just hoping it touches everybody in a certain way where they need to touch their life.”

Saldivar is leading the way as part of the new wave of female vocalists making their mark in the Tejano industry. She was included in the

“There’s only more coming. I’m super proud of the next generation of females that are taking over that are dominating Tejano,” said Saldivar. “Of course, we love the men too, we don’t hate men but were’ super excited for giving a path to females because it has been a little bit harder to get into the industry and I’m so thankful and so proud to be blessed to be part of some strong powerhouse vocalists and this Divamania concert.”

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Divamania is a history-making all-female concert scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 16, 2022, at Veterans Memorial Park in Angleton, Texas. The free event will feature Saldivar, Sonja De La Paz,  AnjeliqueSavannah VSarah MoniqueDemmi GarciaMagali DelarosaKarla ChristinaDevin Banda, and Alize Nino. There will also be a “Million Dollar Band” under the musical direction of Mario Ortiz Jr. and JR Gomez.

Soy Mas Fuerte (Deluxe Edition) includes 12 songs, five from the previous EP with seven additional songs. The album is available on all digital music platforms.

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