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‘Mujer Maravilla’ is a heartwarming mother-daughter duet from Gabriella Salazar & Feliz Salazar

New Mex Records presents a heartwarming and moving mother daughter duet.

Courtesy of New Mex Records

Celebrating your mother every day is great and should be part of a daily routine because she deserves it. She taught you everything, kept you safe, and did it with poise, flair, and a style all her own. Indeed, Mother’s Day is very personal and intimate due to the fact that our relationships with our mothers are private and intimate, and form the very characteristics of our personalities. Audiences vicariously live through relatable artists, recognizing their ability to tap into common emotions and providing clever phrasing they couldn’t come up with, but wanted to.


On “Mujer Maravilla” Gabriella Salazar eclipses her previous artistry, spectacularly interweaving varying aspects of all that encompasses a mother-daughter relationship into an exciting listening experience for her fans. In fact, this song originated as a description of how Gabriella viewed her mother, Feliz Salazar, and grandmother, as well as how Feliz likewise views her mother as a wonder woman, a “Mujer Maravilla.”

This melancholic, nostalgic recollection spans multiple generations of motherhood and is superbly immersive. A beautifully written ’80s Rock-inspired ballad featuring heavy guitar riffs and punchy solos, Gabriella’s compelling tribute to the genre of her upbringing.

Developing early this March, “Mujer Maravilla” was in fact destined, a manifestation of an insistent Gabriella who wanted to collaborate on a song with her mother Feliz, whose initial reluctance was replaced with passion when she fell in love with the concept. The duet is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

Gabriella Salazar — “Mujer Maravilla” featuring Feliz Salazar
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Gabriella Salazar’s music has a distinct sound of her own. Her influences come from all genres of music most notably Elida Reyna, Jennifer Peña, Angela Aguilar, Selena Quintanilla, Becky G, Maddie and Tae, and many others. Gabriella Salazar most notably performed at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair San Antonio. 

About Gabriella Salazar

Gabriella Salazar is a New Mexican recording artist and has always had a love for music. In the third grade is when she first started playing and performing. She joined her school’s mariachi band and has been playing mariachi ever since. When Gabriella was 11, she recorded and released her debut song, “Gracias al Sol,” and has since released other songs including “Bandido” (2017), “En el Cielo (Tears in Heaven)” (2018), and “Adicta” (2020).

In 2017, Gabriella received two New Mexico Hispano Music Awards (NMHAA), “Rising Star of the Year” and “Crossover Song of the Year” for “Gracias al Sol.” Then again for “Crossover Song of the Year” in 2019 for “En el Cielo (Tears in Heaven).”

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