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Noe Salinas releases ‘De Nada Sirvio,’ continues family music heritage

The Texas-born, Washington-raised musician continues family music heritage and releases new single.

The local entertainment in Pasco, Washington would draw countless public visitors ranging of different ages excited to walk past through the park entrance to see bright lights, carnival rides, games, and smiling faces of young children ready to experience a fun-filled day of activities and tasty foods from numerous food truck vendors to include an up-close and personal experience of the bands scheduled to perform.


As the music started playing the large communities of families, especially fans, gathered as close to the stage waiting for the spectacular event of the night. You could hear the crowds cheering and applauding, hands and arms waving in the air, showing their support for a familiar and reputable band known by many as Eligió Salinas Y Su Conjunto.

Eligió was a superstar in the eyes of his grandson Noe Salinas. Every time he took the stage, he captivated the audience with his unforgettable presence and energy. 

In retrospect to the many performances including quiñceneras and family celebrations, Eligió Salinas mentored and watched Noe grow as an artist. This musical venture with band performances eventually led up to several opportunities where Noe would showcase his talents, one being, his accordion skills. This is where he would set out unknowingly to pursue the course of his unpredicted music journey at the early age of six years old. 

“I always wanted to be a drummer as a child, but my grandfather didn’t want me to. He wanted me to be seen upfront on stage,” Noe Salinas tells Tejano Nation. “I’ve slightly learned the basics on other instruments such as bass, bajo sexto, and drums, but accordion has always been my greatest talent.”

While being in the company of his grandfather Noe had several responsibilities, that included assisting with setting up band equipment for rehearsals and stage performances where he trained on his vocals and other instruments. After some time, he decided to venture on his own and chose to continue the family legacy by forming and working on his own band. 

“From childhood, music has always been a part of my life,” said Noe. “I was born in Rio Grande City, Texas, and grew up in Pasco, Washington throughout most of my childhood years up until I was 13 years old. My grandfather and his band members always spoke highly of me knowing and were confident I would become a professional musician.”

When Salinas took the approach and moved forward with what he learned, his journey would lead him to join the band Kalidad. Between the ages of 13 and 15, Rodrigo Velasquez welcomed Noe and a few of his closest friends to join Grupo Iman. These two bands were not only immensely successful, but they reminded him of what he loved most. 

 “When I was with Kalidad I was inspired by Jaime De Anda,” said Noe Salinas. “Los Chamacos was one of my all-time favorite bands before I formed Iman. My special mentors were Ramon Ayala and Ricky Munoz, who guided and coached me about stage presence, special accordion effects, and how to create my own style while remaining professional.”

In the meantime, Noe Salinas remained positive and grateful for being given the opportunity to network with different connections in the music industry.

It was then he decided to pursue his solo career after working with various bands that he would apply all of his experience to take on the role of a solo artist establishing himself and will give new listeners and followers the chance to hear more of his music at its finest. 

On April 25, Salinas released his latest single “De Nada Sirvio,” a song about a man who is heartbroken over a breakup and is reminded that everything he put into the relationship was not worth what it has become. For a couple that has experienced heartbreak, this song can be very relatable. You can sense the depth of his despair and sorrow in the chorus, where he sings about the yearning to forget all of the precious times shared with his beloved. He drowns his sorrows by requesting more drinks of tequila and for the band to keep playing the music.

He realizes that he has dedicated so much time and effort to his lover, that he was caught up with his emotions and led the relationship to become in vain. His hands were full with no options left because it was all bad. No matter the amount of money nor the love he had, would be enough to convince her to stay.

This is simply how life works, and his love was never meant to last forever, so he lets go of his illusions and attachment to the relationship, totally accepting whatever fate has in store for him.

He comes to terms with the fact that his routine and everything else has been taken away from him, leaving him hollow on the inside.

Unlike most artists who sing about happiness and the joys of life, they tend to step away and distract themselves from the inner issues going on beneath the surface. Noe carries viewers through the emotions and depths of pain that a person could experience in the course of a failed relationship. Sometimes the negative aspects are not discussed enough and the ugly, raw, and harsh reality resurfaces.

The song expresses an outlet and gives you comfort and helps the listener confront their own emotional wounds and past experiences. 

As listeners, he reassures us that we must all understand that fate and destiny have our best interests at heart. 

Wherever you are in the present moment is where you’re meant to be. It is through acceptance and coming to terms with our situation we learn to appreciate the good times more. 

“The song doesn’t specifically describe anything I’ve personally gone through, but it can relate to many heartbreaks that occur often,” said Noe Salinas. “I try to put myself in the writer’s shoes and feel every detail of the music.”

Noe Salinas — “De Nada Sirvio”
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As recognition grows for Noe Salinas in the industry he has much more to come and continues to carry his musical legacy and is appreciative of the opportunity to give his music a chance to be heard. 

He said, “I would personally love to thank everyone involved. This includes Oscar Ivan Trevino, lead singer of Duelo, for letting me use his studio. I would also like to include; Josue Contreras who is the songwriter, grandson of El Barragas, Alex Martinez Barragas on drums, Temo Gomez (El Mister) sound engineer and bass, and my great friend on bajo sexto, Rolando Flores. Last but not least, another great friend, Arnulfo Alaniz on segunda voz.”

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