Jorge Moreno’s catchy new single ‘Amiga’ is long-awaited for fans of The California Cowboy

The "California Cowboy" released a two-steppin' Tejano Country tune for his latest single.

The “California Cowboy” Jorge Moreno released his latest single “Amiga,” a two-steppin’ Tejano Country tune.


Moreno’s early influences were his uncles, who were part of Norteno bands. Coming from a big family (the 10th of 11 children) he was exposed to accordion and Country music as a young kid and educated about the parallels between the two genres. One was that the songs tell stories about love, tragedy, and things that happen to you in life. Loving the mix of Tejano and Country.

George Strait, Dwight Yoakum, and Brooks and Dunn piqued his interest in Country music when Moreno was a teenager. In the 1990s, he recorded his debut album titled Enamorado. Before the completion of a second album, he decided to finish school. Not only is Moreno a talented musician, but he also graduated in 2000 from California State University – Bakersfield with a degree in Administration of Criminology and a Minor in Sociology.

Jorge Moreno Interview with DJ Peaches

“The California Cowboy” moniker was given to Moreno by his Texas colleagues. He is from Tulare, California, in the central San Joaquin Valley, where he recorded his early projects but transferred all production to Texas. Being in the studio with other fellow artists, he was given names such as “The Kid from California” and “The Golden State Kid” but the most common was “The California Cowboy,” must be since Jorge has a signature look of fresh wranglers, nice custom boots, nicely pressed western shirts and a nice Cowboy hat.

Moreno describes his relationship with late Tejano icon Emilio Navaira. He said, “I had known Emilio Navaira for years. Not only as a fan but as years went by, we became friends or we would see each other in the same venue. My dream one time was to record with Emilio. I had purposed it to him and he would chuckle all the time.”

Once at a gig, Moreno sang one of Emilio’s songs and the Tejano icon was impressed. Unfortunately, he never got his wish to sing with Emilio but as years went by, Moreno got to know Emilio’s sons, Emilio IV and Diego Navaira. Moreno’s Universal Latin Agency facilitated the meeting between them. Emilio IV, Diego, and Mike Aguilar (grandson of the legendary Los Aguilares) approached Moreno with the song “Amiga” and shared ideas on the arrangements. The song has been receiving great reviews.

Jorge Moreno — “Amiga”
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Winner of the Tejano Makeover Contest and Grand Giveaway at the Tejano Music National Convention in 2007, Moreno was awarded numerous prizes by sponsors, which helped in his first major project entitled “In Love in Texas”.

Moreno received a Tejano Music Awards nomination in 2008 for a Song of the year nomination with “Luz de Luna” and ” In Love in Texas” received the Crossover Song of the Year nomination.

There is a story behind his hit single “Luz de Luna,” a Spanish version of the classic George Strait hit. Moreno shared, “I didn’t use to do it in Spanish. I used to do ‘Neon Moon,’ and some of the Country shows back in California. We did a show in New Mexico one year. We had this crazy idea to write our first verse to it and pitch it to a live audience. We had such a great response that when we got back to California we wrote the second verse, completed and recorded the song in Spanish.”

A long journey from 1992 from being a wedding singer right after high school. Moreno has never had any vocal lessons or choir, but he sings every day and that is his training. He later joined a band in California as lead vocalist for the Norteno and Country songs.

His debut album Enamorado wasn’t an actual album for the market but more to showcase his talent.

More music will be available soon from Moreno’s new Universal Latin Agency. ULA has been recognized for its marketing and promotional insights. Artists affiliated with ULA include La Mafia, Bronco, Ramon Ayala, Alicia Villarreal, Jay Perez, David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, plus many more artists.

Moreno has gained knowledge and patience being in the music industry for so long. His talent and stage presence is warm and calming to his many fans. We are looking forward to more music from the “California Cowboy” whether it be a ballad, ranchera, or a cumbia, we are anxiously waiting.

Request the Tejano honky tonk catchy song “Amiga” on your favorite radio stations. It is also available on all digital platforms.

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