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Ramón Ayala reassures fans a day after fainting on stage during performance

The 76-year-old music icon says "everything is fine, everything is well in health" in a video message to fans.

Music legend Ramón Ayala took to social media on Monday to reassure fans that he is well and plans to continue performing one day after fainting on stage at Border Fest on April 3.


Ayala, known as “El Rey del Accordeon,” said in Spanish, “I want to send you a message because yesterday I was performing here in my city of Hidalgo, Texas in which I had a small problem that I dropped pressure and all this and because I was going to tell you don’t worry, everything is fine, everything very well in health and so we are waiting for the next performance that we have and tell the public that there is still a lot of Ramon Ayala forever.”

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The accordionist fainted during a performance of his hit “Que me lleve el diablo,” (Let the Devil Take Me) in the Rio Grande Valley on Sunday, causing anguish and uncertainty among the fans attending the show, Latin Groove News reports.

Ramon Ayala faints during a performance at Border Fest in Hidalgo, Tx on April 3.
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According to a video of the incident, he regained consciousness and, still breathless and shaky, the 76-year-old music icon explained that he had recently had surgery because of a 90% occluded vein.

Ayala is scheduled to perform this week at Tejano Explosion in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday, April 10.

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