Veronique Medrano presents new El Dusty-produced single ‘Mal Ojo’ featuring DJ Kane

The liberating anthem of self-love and strength fuses elements of cumbia, trap and electronica.

Courtesy of Americano Label

Trailblazing Mexican-American artist Veronique Medrano is shaking up Tejano music for the next generation. Connecting with nu cumbia pioneer El Dusty and Latin Grammy award-winning Mario Herrera, Veronique is proud to present her new single “Mal Ojo” featuring DJ Kane (Kumbia Kings).


“Mal Ojo” is a liberating anthem of self-love and strength that fuses elements of Cumbia, Trap, and Electronic. The new single is taken from Veronique’s upcoming album Mexi-Americana.

Veronique is a rising star in the new Tejano scene. With an eclectic and evolving catalog, the Brownsville, Texas native showcases her genre-bending talents in Country Americana, Latin Pop, Cumbia, and Tejano.

She has been featured by a variety of regional and national media outlets such as Despierta America, Texas Monthly, Latino USA, and more. KSAT’s Good Morning San Antonio hailed her as “A Tejano artist with a voice as big as the Lonestar State.” Veronique has received five Tejano Music Award nominations including Best New Female Artist in 2017.

For Veronique, “Mal Ojo” is liberation from conformity. She explains, “Mal Ojo (Evil Eye) is a common phrase that is rooted in Latino and Mexican culture that is best explained as others putting bad juju on you based on their perceptions of you and what they covet of yours. The song came from the experiences in my life where people clearly coveted things of mine and used their words as weapons against me and my identity in this very male-dominated space of the Mexican Regional (Tejano) genre. I was never Mexican or Tejano enough for their liking because I didn’t fit a particular image of what they felt best represented one.” Veronique continues, “Mal Ojo can be liberating. It has allowed me to take stock in my power and my identity as both a Mexican (Latinx) and an American.  In that duality there is strength.”

“Mal Ojo” was recorded at El Dusty’s Produce Sound Studios in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Veronique said, “One of my career goals was to record and create a song with El Dusty, and the stars managed to align to make that happen.”

With over 40 original songs to her catalog, as well as five she’s written herself; it can be said that Veronique’s music is a snapshot of her growth and solidified identity in music and arts.

As the lead single from her new album Mexi-Americana, which will showcase a duality of culture and spirit, “Mal Ojo” is the first step in showcasing what fans will hear thematically on the record.

“Mal Ojo” is out now with Americano Label. Download and save here:

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