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Agnes Torres of New Variety Band chats about the possibility of new music, music career + more

The award-winning singer discusses her 30-year music career and much more with The AC Cruz Podcast.

Agnes Torres | Photo: Bobby Villela

Agnes Torres entertained many Tejano fans as the lead singer of New Variety Band since the late 1980s but the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer hasn’t performed for a few years now, she chats about the possibility of returning to the stage, new music, and more in an interview with The AC Cruz Podcast.


The award-winning singer has received offers from bands to return to the stage over the past few years.

“But I mention to them that I don’t want to do it every weekend and they want the every weekend thing, that’s the only thing though,” she said. “It doesn’t mean that I’m totally giving it up because you never know. You never know if I say, ‘Okay, you know what, I’m tired of the Monday through Friday job and I’ll go back to singing full-time.’ But as of now, no.”

Torres added that fans may not have to wait to hear new music from the singer who now lives in San Antonio.

“I have a project coming up, it’s in the works,” she said. “I really can’t say much about it because it’s not a done deal yet. After it’s done I can go ahead and mention it but I do have something coming up. So, we’ll see what happens. Everyone just keep your fingers crossed.”

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The singer also addressed a question many fans have wanted to know over the years. If there was ever a relationship with fellow New Variety Band member Arturo Gutierrez.

Listen to the full interview with Agnes Torres on The AC Cruz Podcast below. Hear previous episodes and get more details at

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