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Tejano Nation launches Totally Tejanas Podcast & Playlist showcasing the powerful female voices in Tejano music

The new wave of female Tejano talent will be featured with a new podcast and monthly playlist.

From left to right: Jennifer Pena, Sonja De La Paz, Stefani Montiel, Shelly Lares, Demmi Garcia, Elida Reyna, and Monica Saldivar | Graphic by Sonja De La Paz

There is a current wave of powerful female voices taking over the usually male-dominated Tejano music industry from Tejano icons like Shelly Lares, Elida Reyna, Stefani Montiel, and more paving the way for emerging artists like Monica Saldivar, Isabel Marie Sanchez, Anjelique, and others. With that in mind, Tejano Nation, the news and media company dedicated to promoting and preserving Tejano culture announces the launch of the Totally Tejanas Podcast and Playlist on Spotify.


The Totally Tejanas Podcast will feature interviews with the amazing women of Tejano music from legends to rising talent, hosted by Tejano Nation‘s stellar lineup of female voices from veteran radio personalities to social media influencers. The podcast will officially launch later this month and will be available on all major podcast platforms.

The Totally Tejanas playlist on Spotify will feature the latest hits from the fierce femmes of Tejano music including icons and emerging vocalists as curated by Tejano Nation music editors each month.

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Tejano Nation digital managing editor John Henry Medina commented, “Over the past few years, talented female vocalists have shown they will not be ignored in Tejano music, a genre historically dominated by men. Tejano Nation’s launch of the Totally Tejanas playlist and podcast today showcases the growing number of talented women that are currently topping the charts and penetrating radio station playlists. These ladies are the future of La Onda Tejana.”

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