First sculpture of Latina in the city of Houston coming to the Center For Pursuit’s new campus

The sculpture will depict Houston singer and songwriter Norma Zenteno.

Norma Zenteno | Courtesy photo

Houston, TX – The Zenteno Sculpture Project, depicting Houston singer and songwriter Norma Zenteno, will be placed on the new campus of The Center for Pursuit in Houston’s East End. A formal presentation of the sculpture by Houston-based artist and sculptor Bridgette Mongeon, along with a performance by Zenteno Spirit, is scheduled for Saturday, March 19 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public.


The Center for Pursuit generously offered to host the sculpture on its campus in the heart of the East End, located next to the Metro Rail. The Center promotes the pursuit of choice, growth, and independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, or similar conditions.

“Our plans in moving to Houston’s East End were always to be more inclusive of the community,” says Charles Canton, The Center President and CEO. “We can’t think of a better way to be part of the neighborhood while supporting art in public places.”  

The sculpture of Norma Zenteno is the first public sculpture of a Latina in Houston and is an effort by the family to recognize her life and legacy. Zenteno captivated audiences with her startling beauty, unmistakable voice, and energetic performance of original songs and classics in the genres of Salsa, Latin jazz, Rock, and Blues.  

Norma Zenteno was greatly inspired by her father Roberto Zenteno, a legendary trumpeter and orchestra leader, and by the constant support and encouragement from her mother Elsa Zenteno. She started composing songs at a young age on her first guitar, a gift from her father. She devoted her life to her artistic calling, performing with her father, brothers Javier, Bobby, and Ernie, and countless other musicians across the decades.  

Zenteno is remembered for her music as well as her compassion for neglected animals. She was a founding board member and devoted supporter of Barrio Dogs, an animal welfare nonprofit. The sculpture will include Kippy, one of the many homeless animals helped by Barrio Dogs.   

“There are a lot of changes coming to the East End, so we think this is a great time to commemorate Norma,” said Javier Zenteno, Norma’s brother. “We want the next generation to know about her and our family legacy. We are grateful to the Center for Pursuit for hosting the sculpture at their amazing campus where many people will see this artwork and learn more about the Zenteno family’s music and history.” 

Sculptor Mongeon works in bronze and is known for her figurative sculptures of people, including Willie Nelson and B.B. King, and her last project, Alice in Wonderland at Bellaire Park in Houston.  

For more information about the Zentenos, go to

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