Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon Comes to Life in the United States this Summer

An Iconic Life On Display through immersive biographical exhibition of the mythical Mexican artist

Frida Kahlo, The immersive biography

MIAMI — (PRNewswire) — In honor of International Women’s Day, the Frida Kahlo Corporation, Layers of Reality, and Primo Entertainment announced that Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon, will open this summer as an immersive exhibition in the United States. The immersive biography of Frida Kahlo, one of the most influential female artists, is displayed in a unique combination of digital art, historical photographs, projections, and installations. The exhibit also includes virtual reality experiences that reproduce the most relevant moments of the life and work of Frida Kahlo.


“Frida Kahlo is an icon of strength, a victim of love, a genius of art and symbol of freedom,” said Andres Naftali, owner of Primo Entertainment. “This exhibition will bring together art and fashion lovers, those inspired by Frida’s message and journey, history, and technology experts by immersing them in the many facets of Frida Kahlo’s incredible life.”

The exhibition, which is currently touring Europe, will be presented during the summer in different cities in the United States such as New York, Washington DC, San Diego, Puerto Rico, Phoenix, Austin, Salt Lake City, Portland, St. Louis, and Miami. The tour will then continue in Canada and several Latin American countries, transcending stereotypes and borders, to publicize the legacy of the woman who is considered a model of inspiration.

A co-creation of Frida Kahlo Corporation and Layers of Reality – the renowned digital art center in Southern Europe and where, already in Spain, it has had unprecedented success, this immersive biographical exhibition is shown in seven different transformational spaces including:

  • Living Fragments, an installation that constitutes a neural network that understands the human face to create portraits using generative collage techniques.
  • Holographic Video that recreates the accident that transformed Frida Kahlo’s life forever.
  • The Dream, a show in which life and death come together to reflect Frida’s imagination from the place where she created a large part of her work, the bed.
  • Infinite symbology, a reactive sensory installation.
  • La Rosita, the place chosen by Frida to work as a painting teacher.
  • Fashion Icon, a space that explores the most representative aesthetic elements of her image.
  • Virtual Reality, a not-to-be missed experience

Co-produced in the United States by Frida Kahlo Corporation, Layers of Reality and Primo Entertainment, a promoter company that promoted global hits such as ‘Beyond Van Gogh’ and ‘Beyond Monet’, the immersive exhibition honors the personality of an artist Unrepeatable and ahead of its time.

For more information on “Frida Kahlo, The life of an Icon” or to reserve tickets for each city visit

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