ATM members D and Chelo return with ‘Baby Luna’ cumbia

The hot new cumbia features an infectious beat and catchy chorus from the former ATM members.

Courtesy of Whos Hits Music

High-energy cumbia group ATM released a few hits during the early 2000s and two members of the group, D and Chelo, have returned with a hot new cumbia “Baby Luna.”


David Elizondo, known professionally as “D”, released an English album titled Picasso in 2018, an album that was therapy for the talented singer-songwriter, musician, and producer.

“I think as any songwriter, we get like a build-up, we get a bunch of good songs in our head — songs that we think are good — and it’s very hard to move on the next project when we have unfinished work,” D tells Tejano Nation.

Now, D is concentrating on his next project, an album filled with cumbias featuring collaborations with artists he’s previously worked with in the past including DJ Kane, Frankie J, and Tabu, to name just a few.

Courtesy of Univision Records

One of those songs is his latest release featuring Chelo Mejias, a former member of ATM and longtime collaborator. ATM burst on the scene in 2003 with the release of their debut album, A Todo Máquina, which spawned the hit songs “Nadie,” “Gangsta Cumbia,” and “Mata la Cucaracha,” tunes featuring a fusion of cumbias, R&B, and hip-hop. The group received a Premio Lo Nuestro nomination for Best New Artist in 2004 for the Regional Mexican category..

“Baby Luna” is a joint effort that was produced by D and co-written with songwriter and producer Antrax which features an infectious cumbia beat and a catchy chorus.

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“Baby Luna” from D featuring Chelo is available to download on all digital music platforms. It is part of an upcoming album, Cumbia World, that will feature collaborations with some of Tejano’s top stars expected to be released in late 2022.

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