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Vanita Leo debuts with a bolero fusion mix for Baby Grand Records Live Sessions premiere

The 19-year-old singer is ushering in a new era of Latinx sound with producer Mario Ortiz.

Vanita Leo (Bolero Fusion Mix)
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Baby Grand Records released a video featuring hot, new singing sensation Vanita Leo showcasing a bolero fusion mix featuring a medley of songs, “Noche No Te Vayas,” “La Gloria Eres Tu,” and “Historia De Un Amor,” on February 14 and had all the lovebirds swaying to the singer’s sexy, sultry sounds.


Produced by Baby Grand Records owner Mario Ortiz, the 19-year-old vocalist signed to the label on April 2, 2021, along with JR Gomez, a Grammy-winning music veteran of the industry.

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Leo, who is no stranger to performing, tells Tejano Nation, “As a growing artist, I knew the time was right to put forth, what I love most, music.”

With an innovative perspective and a deep love for the culture, Vanita Leo is ushering in a new era of Latinx sound, with sultry R&B. Singing on stage for the first time at the age of 6, and coming from a rich lineage of Tejano legends, such as her father Marco Jaime, uncle Alfonso Jaime, both formerly of Grupo Rodeo, and aunt, Esmeralda Jaime Guzman, enabled her to do so.

Vanita Leo (Courtesy photo)

Vanita Leo credits a large part of her musical upbringing to school programs, such as theater and mariachi, where she was able to grow in her abilities as a performer and vocalist. She infused her love of music with her heritage of Bolero, Ranchera, Cumbia, and Tejano, with the progressive sounds of R&B, Neo-Soul, and Indie.

Along with her cousin, and long-time collaborator Werito, Vanita Leo later found herself in close connection and eventually collaborated with many local San Antonio acts. One of whom is her music producer, Mario Ortiz, that met the teen singer through her father, who was the backup vocalist for Jay Perez, at that time.

“She’s got the music in the blood. She has the Tejano history and mariachi, as well,” Mario O told Tejano Nation. “It’s not Tejano but has corporations of cumbia, with some Mariachi bolero with a modern twist because what she’s doing is like a Mariachi, Latin Urban fusion, with a Hip-Hop, Pop beat.”

Mario O, who has since stepped down as musical director for Jay Perez and has been working diligently on his own label and artists with Baby Grand Records. Learn more at

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