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Emanuel J is proud of the production of highly-anticipated sophomore album ‘No. II (Numéro Dos)’

The award-winning singer released his sophomore album on Feb. 2, 2022.

Emanuel J is a rising star in the Tejano music industry and the Tejano Music Awards winner released his highly-anticipated sophomore album No. II (Numéro Dos) on February 2, 2022.


The talented singer from Colorado, who now resides in San Antonio, won Best New Male Artist at the 41st annual Tejano Music Awards last year with the success of his debut album Palabras De Amor. He even signed with Q Productions to work on his sophomore album but after five months he decided to part ways with the record label.

“It just wasn’t fitting my role,” Emanuel J tells Tejano Nation. “The sound they were wanting to implement on me, the vision they had, it was just different than what we we’re going for.”

Emanuel J decided to team with his brother, Emiliano Gauna, to produce his latest effort.

“We took this into our own hands and it’s a project that I’m proud of,” said Emanuel J. “No only because we were able to do it on our own but the quality of it. I personally would put it up with other big-time producers or whatever you want to call it. It’s a good album and hopefully, the people — the listeners — can relate to some of the songs.”

The album features 10 tracks including the current single “A Mi Lado,” a duet with another rising star Monica Saldivar, winner of Best New Female Artist at the Tejano Music Awards in 2020.

“When I first got the idea to do a duet I heard Monica’s voice, her voice was just powerful,” said Emanuel J. “To me personally, I would say she’s one of the best vocalists in the industry right now because she’s young and she’s rising. I’m like, I have to get her on a track with me because I’m young and I’m a rising Tejano star as well or whatever and so we were able to market it like that, the two young guns of the industry.”

No. II (Numéro Dos) from Emanuel J is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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