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Andie returns to her mariachi roots with new single ‘Me Hiciste Mal’ featuring Mariachi Los Arrieros del Valle

The singer-songwriter and musician wrote an emotional mariachi song about a recent breakup.

Courtesy of Rank Records

Tejano newcomer Andie has returned to her mariachi roots with the release of her latest single, “Me Hiciste Mal,” a beautiful, emotional song that features Grammy-nominated Mariachi Los Arrieros del Valle.


The singer-songwriter and musician from Zapata, Texas has roots in mariachi music, professionally performing since the age of 14, even competing with award-winning Mariachi Internacional while attending Texas A&M International University.

“Me Hiciste Mal” was written by Andie about an emotional moment in her life.

“I wrote this song back in November, I went through a breakup,” Andie tells Tejano Nation. “Of course when you go through a breakup you get depressed, so I had my little dark moment and I just started writing and was like, I’m just going to start writing what I’m feeling right now and hopefully this helps me release those emotions I have inside and within an hour the song was done and I was like, did I really just write this?”

Andie added, “If I’m writing a song, I’m usually giving you a little insight into my life. I don’t write songs regularly, I don’t consider myself a songwriter. When I do write something, it’s because I’m going through something difficult, something hard and it’s kind of therapeutic for me. This is another one of those songs sharing a little piece of what I went through and if it can help anybody who’s been through something similar, it’s all worth it for me.”

The mariachi tune was arranged by Marcus Zarate of Mariachi Los Arrieros del Valle.

“It turned out to be beautiful and I fell in love with it and the way the arrangement is, it helps the story that’s being told. It helps you kind of feel it,” commented Andie.

“Me Hiciste Mal” from Andie is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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