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Destiny Navaira drops ‘Vacía’ single and video from highly-anticipated sophomore album

The new single from the three-time Tejano Music Awards winner is a mix of classic tango rhythm and modern melodies.

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Destiny Navaira has released her new single “Vacía” along with the music video, it’s the second single from her highly-anticipated sophomore album written by singer/songwriter Myrza Maldonado.


The mix of classic and modern is what comes to mind with the classic tango rhythm and melodic melodies.  “I absolutely love this song,” said Destiny. “The very first time I heard the chorus I instantly knew it would be a single.” 

“Vacía” was recorded in Monterre, Mexico, under the direction of Manuel Herrera Maldonado, CEO of Unimusik, and was recorded by the members of Grupo Remedio (Rigo Navaira, Lalo Morales, Luke Salas) as well as some special guests.  On the bajo sexto, “Vacía” features Aarón “Pantera” Martínez from La Firma, as well as on the drums, Adrian Gonzalez, the drummer from “Voz de Mando”.

“It has been such an honor to work with such talented musicians on this record and ‘Vacía’ is just the beginning of what’s to come,” added Destiny.

“Vacía” is now available on all digital platforms and watch the video below.

Destiny Navaira — “Vacía”
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