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Anjelique and The Sweet City Band showcase their ‘Sweet City Style’ on new album

The new album from the two-time Tejano Music Awards winners feature bilingual songs and cameo performances.

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Sweetwater, TX -– It’s Anjelique y’all! The West Texas-based and two-time Tejano Music Awards winner released her latest LP album, Sweet City Style.


The album includes the chart-hitting songs “En Trance” and “Pensando En Ti.” In 2020, “En Trance” earned the top spot on the Tejano Gold Countdown radio chart, and ‘Pensando En Ti’ earned No. 24 on the Top 100 songs of KLMO charts for 2021.

Sweet City Style is an eight-song follow-up to her highly acclaimed Propósito album (2019) that assures it to be quite different. Whereas Propósito was for a purpose, Sweet City Style is for the soul. The album features bilingual songs and cameo performances from a well-known artist in the industry.

The Sweet City Band paired up with the infamous Grupo Estrella saxophone players, Robert “Shy Boy” Gutierrez and Stephen Ruiz, for the song “Amor Traicionero,” As soon as the song kicks off, you immediately hear the one-of-a-kind harmonizing saxophones.

“Salvaje Pero Amable” is another song that is not what you would expect of Sweet City Band. The band collaborated with Toonz and Isak A. to bring a cumbia pop beat that displays the talents of West Texas.

Anjelique commented, “We’ve taken a gamble on this LP, especially with the bilingual songs. We wanted to put something out there that represents our diversity as Mexican Americans and what we can create as Tejano artists. Something that I always think about is the phrase from the movie Selena, ‘We gotta be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans, both at the same time. It’s exhausting!’ — (Edward James Olmos as Abraham Quintanilla Jr).”

This LP is the first debut from Studio 29 located in her hometown of Sweetwater, Texas. Anjelique’s son and band member Isak A. co-produced the album along with Jimmy Garcia, who is also a band member. Eddie Perez, CEO of La Llave Music Group, assisted Studio 29 for mixing and mastering and was even featured on a couple of tracks on the Bajo.

Sweet City Style is available on CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and many other digital distributors as well as her official website

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