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Isabel Marie Sanchez covers ‘Desvelado’ as she readies new single after release of ‘Live Sessions (En Vivo)’ EP

The 18-year-old singer put her own take on the Bobby Pulido classic hit, as she will release a new single on Feb. 4.

isabel Marie — “Desvelado”
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Isabel Marie Sanchez showcased her powerful voice on a stripped-down version of “Desvelado,” the 1995 hit song originally recorded by Bobby Pulido.


The video shared on the 18-year-old singer’s social media channels, features Isabel Marie in a recording session with musician and producer Mario Ortiz belting out the classic tune.

“I love that song, first of all,” Isabel Marie tells Tejano Nation. “Second of all, I actually had the honor to perform it with him once before. We wanted to put our own take on it and I love ballads. I will change any song into a ballad if you know me. Mario actually added a really little jazzy kind of feel into it. I think it was really nice take on our vision of ‘Desvelado.’ It was fun and people are enjoying it, which is really exciting.”

It’s part of series of live sessions recorded by executive producer Carlos Alvarez. Five of those songs were included on Isabel Marie’s new Live Sessions (En Vivo) EP, released in December.

“Those live sessions are so that my fans have something,” she said. “It had been a while since we released something and those were covers that fans had been asking for awhile now and Carlos and all of us had the idea to get together with Mario Ortiz, who is an amazing pianist and we kind of just grooved and went into the studio and just had fun and that’s what it’s all about. There all live and kind of in the spur of the moment and just having fun doing it.”

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The award-winning singer announced her departure from Q Productions last year after five years and four successful albums. Isabel Marie won Best New Female Artist at the Tejano Music Awards in 2017 after the success of her debut album. She added Top Female Artist at the My Tejano Awards in 2019. She is a star that will only grow brighter with each new album released.

Isabel Marie added she plans to release a new single on February 4, “No Me Mires Así,” a song she also co-produced.

“It’s really exciting growing as an artist and growing my creativity is really fun and I’m writing,” said Isabel Marie. “The new things we’re going to be coming out with are really exciting.”

“Desvelado” from Isabel Marie and her Live Sessions (En Vivo) EP are available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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