Michael Salgado drops video teaser of upcoming country song ‘She Thinks My Name Is Whiskey’

The two-time Grammy winner will release his latest crossover country tune on Jan. 28.

Courtesy of Zurdo Records

Michael Salgado dropped a video teaser for his upcoming crossover country single, “She Thinks My Name Is Whiskey,” a song co-written by Billy O’Rourke, guitarist for David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales.


Salgado shared details on his upcoming country tune penned by O’Rourke and another songwriter.

“I guess they came up with the song and told me a little bit about the story where she just kind of wants to get drunk on the guy, right, and she thinks he’s whiskey,” he said. “It’s got a cool story to it and myself I thought the title of the song was pretty interesting. We hope people enjoy it.”

The two-time Latin GRAMMY winner had great success with his previous country songs with over 3.5 million all-time streams and the release of his country EP Blame It On The Beer.

“I definitely appreciate all the fans who have been streaming the music,” said Salgado. “We’re going to continue to put out more music, like this year, I’m working on a few mariachi songs. I’ve got a couple done already and going to do a couple more, probably be releasing something later this year on that. We may be putting together a concept CD. We’ve got that in the works right now.”

“El Zurdo de Oro” plans to have a busy year recording new music and entertaining fans during his El Puro Party Tour in 2022.

Look for the official release of “She Thinks My Name Is Whiskey” from Michael Salgado on Friday, January 28 on all digital music platforms, but until then enjoy the teaser below.

Michael Salgado — “She Thinks My Name Is Whiskey” Teaser
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