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Michael Salgado reaches over 3 million all-time streams with crossover Country album ‘Blame It On The Beer’

The multiple Latin Grammy winner's crossover Country album boasts more than 3 million Spotify streams.

Courtesy of Zurdo Records

Michael Salgado officially released his crossover Country album, Blame It On The Beer, on July 2 and music from the album has reached over 3 million all-time streams on Spotify.


Salgado announced the news via social media with a photo showcasing the details of 3,634,832 all-time streams for the collection of country tunes from the Tejano singer and accordionist.

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Although the album was released on July 2, it features tunes previously released. The lead single from the album was “Honky Tonks & Cantinas,” a song written by Rick and Oriana Orozco, released in 2011 as a bonus track on Salgado’s album No Vengo a Ver Si Puedo…Si Por Que Puedo Vengo. It was the first Country tune recorded by Salgado and has over 2.2 million streams on Spotify.

Two other songs on the album, “She’s Got One Hell Of A Memory,” which boasts over 725,000 streams, and “A Far Cry From Gone” with over 400,000 streams, were featured in the 2012 documentary This Is MY Country, Twin-Fiddles and Accordion and the film’s music soundtrack.

The most recent singles released from the singer and accordionist’s debut Country album is “Don’t Depend On Me” with over 21,000 streams and the title track, “Blame It On The Beer,” with almost 6,000 streams.

The album, which is only available to stream or download at digital platforms, is a major success for the six-time Latin Grammy winner, who celebrated 25 years in the music industry in 2020. Blame It On The Beer is another album to add to his discography of hit albums as the streams continue to grow for the collection of Country tunes released just one week ago.

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