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Adrian Gutierrez honors his parents 30th anniversary with a cover of ‘Y Sigues Siendo Tu’

The 20-year-old singer and former Hometown Boys lead vocalist recorded his Spanish rendition of a '90s classic song.

Adrian Gutierrez celebrates his parents with his latest release, “Y Sigues Siendo Tu,” a Spanish cover of the 1997 hit song “You’re Still The One,” originally recorded by Shania Twain. The song has special meaning for the singer’s parents, it was played for the couple’s first dance at their wedding 30 years ago.


“Funny story, I recorded the song really for my parents,” Gutierrez tells Tejano Nation. “My parents got married to the English version of the song. They’re going to have a celebration for the 30th anniversary, so I thought it would be something nice for them to dance to since it’s something they danced to when they first got married.”

The 20-year-old vocalist put his own spin on the Spanish version of the song that was recorded by Mexican singer Rogelio Martinez in 2013.

“I had run into the Spanish rendition of it. It was actually done like a Banda version but I hadn’t run into any other people that recorded it in the industry so I was like I had to do my own rendition of it,” he added.

Gutierrez began his career at age 15, winning a singing talent competition recording his debut single “Dejame Vivir” with Hacienda Records that led him to the job as the lead vocalist of Tejano Highway 281 at age 18, and most recently lead singer of The Hometown Boys last year, which he says was a great learning experience before his departure after six months with the legendary group.

“I give them thanks for the opportunity, a the end of the day it was a big blessing for me to be a part of Jefe’s (Roman Martinez, Sr) musical group,” said Gutierrez. “The Hometown Boys have been around for ages and it was a big stepping stone for me. I already had my time with Tejano Highway 281, but the Homies was a further learning experience and it’s something that I will always be thankful for.”

“Y Sigues Siendo Tu” by Adrian Gutierrez is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms and he plans a solo album later this year.

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