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Nephew of Tejano icons Los Aguilares releases lead single in homage to family legacy

Cris Medina covers "Soñar Contigo," the 1983 hit from Los Aguilares for his first single from upcoming EP.

Courtesy of Crescendo Group

San Antonio, TX — Cris Medina, nephew of legendary Tejano/Conjunto duo Emilio and Genaro Aguilar of Los Aguilares, has released his first single from his soon-to-be-released debut EP.


The single entitled, “Soñar Contigo”, is a cover of the legendary groups’ 1983 classic released under the Joey Records label.

Medina, a former San Antonio City Councilman and current U.S. Air Force Reserve Officer says the project had been in the works for some time.

“I had been wanting to do a tribute project for a while, and so when the pandemic hit, I found myself listening to a lot of the old records and dusting off a few original songs that I had written,” said Medina. “I had put my music career on hold after I joined the Air Force but felt the time was right to release my own music. The sound is very nostalgic and heartfelt.”

The single, produced and arranged by Mike Aguilar Jr., grandson of Emilio Aguilar, and Luke Salas, highlights the distinct sound of the bands’ early ’80s evolution from conjunto to a more modern Tejano sound.

As for plans for the rest of the album, Medina anticipates a full album release in the spring, including six songs that are just about ready and feature a mix of sounds that he grew up on; Tejano, Conjunto, Norteño, and Country.

“We’ve been patient on this project,” he said. “We have some great original music as well as some unique twists to a few classic songs that I think people will enjoy.”

Fan response has been very positive and is already being played on stations throughout Texas, California, and New Mexico.

“I am grateful to all the people who have purchased the single, as it’s available now on all digital platforms, as well as a thank you to the radio stations who are playing it and adding it to their playlists,” said Medina.

For more information, contact Crescendo Group at (210) 216-7998.

Cris Medina — “Soñar Contigo”
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1 comment on “Nephew of Tejano icons Los Aguilares releases lead single in homage to family legacy

  1. This is a wonderful song and the vocals are crisp and powerful. Fantastic job! Looking forward to the rest of the album.


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