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Lydia Castillo captures betrayal and broken promises with Beto Ramon-penned ‘Mentiras’

The San Antonio singer released the latest single from her debut album 'Mi Pasado'.

Emerging artist Lydia Castillo has released her latest single “Mentiras,” written by award-winner Humberto “Beto” Ramon and produced by Grammy winner Hugo Guerrero. At the same time, she released her album titled Mi Pasado.


Castillo expressed in previous interviews how music heals. Her favorite quote is, “Sometimes you can not talk about your problems or pain but through music, you can heal.” As in the name of the album, Mi Pasado, the past experiences are ones that you never want to go back to. You will be able to hear how she expresses her experiences in her music and has remained strong.

Lydia Castillo Interview with DJ Peaches

In an interview with Tejano Nation contributor DJ Peaches, Castillo is very excited about her new single and how it was the hardest song to sing. “Usually, I’m in and out of the studio within an hour with a song,” she said. “This song we got there at nine in the evening, didn’t leave till about midnight because Hugo was so passionate about this song he wanted it to be perfect.”

Castillo explained what gets her emotional about the Tejano industry, “People, our own people, don’t take Tejano seriously like we should,” she said. “For example, you know you were listening to (Tejano Nation radio host) Romeo’s interview yesterday. There is no Tejano label or Tejano category in the Grammys.”

“Give everyone a chance,” she added. “There are a lot of people that don’t and that’s very emotional to me. I think we should give each other a chance, whether your starting, in the middle or up there.”

Lydia Castillo has worked with many well-known Tejano artists such as David Farias, David L. Garza, Hugo Guerrero, Noe Benitez, and Beto Ramon just to name a few. You will find Castillo doing what she loves, sharing the stage with Hugo Guerrero, and will be touring with Oscar G (Gonzales), former lead singer to David Lee Garza. Keep pushing forward Lydia, we are cheering you on.

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    This gal has the right ideal about people not mentioning Tejanos……………………But such like her new song.

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