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Brooke T boasts vibrant vocals with catchy cumbia ‘Mentías’

The song will be part of the young singer's upcoming sophomore album.

Courtesy of Q Productions

Tejano newcomer Brooke T released her debut album Clásico with Q Productions in late 2020 showcasing her versatility in recording classic songs. Now the young singer has released her latest single, “Mentías,” a song that will be part of her highly-anticipated sophomore album.


“It is an original and I am absolutely in love when I first heard the song,” Brooke T tells Tejano Nation. “I was ecstatic to be able to record it and whenever I got into the studio and it just kind of flowed when it was the first take it was like – boom, boom, boom – it was smooth and it was one of my favorite songs for the album.”

The New Braunfels, Texas, native, who won many mariachi competitions while she was a young girl, was signed by Abraham Quintanilla after she was discovered by award-winning singer-songwriter and music executive Jose Rosario Gonzalez while she performed well on the singing competition show “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento” in 2019 when she was still in high school. Quintanilla was impressed with Brooke T’s talent and her love for singing in Spanish, even though she didn’t speak the language, and believed she would do well in the Tejano industry.

“Since I was in mariachi music, Tejano was a hard style for me to come into because mariachi is a lot of belting and a lot of power and Tejano is like light, little dancing music, you know what I mean,” said Brooke T. “But growing up, I felt connected to Spanish music in general, anything I loved and so whenever I had the opportunity to do Tejano music I was excited but nervous and scared. I think being a child listening to the songs you hear at parties, it helped because, in a way it made me feel loose if that makes sense, it’s nostalgic.”

The singer credits her grandmother as the one to encourage her to perform mariachi as a young girl winning many competitions and propelling her into a career in music. Brooke T has strong roots in two cultures — she’s a daughter of a Mexican American mother and Anglo Saxon father — and believes that being raised in both cultures broadens her appeal. She seeks to break all the stereotypes about the two cultures and heritage with her music.

“Mentias” from Brooke T is available on all digital music platforms and she plans to release her sophomore album soon.

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