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Eric Lee showcases unique new style with solo debut single ‘Toda La Noche’

The former Los Desperadoz vocalist features a pop cumbia sound on his solo debut single.

Eric Lee is a third-generation Tejano performer, who got his start singing with his family band Los Desperadoz. Now, the talented vocalist debuts with “Toda La Noche,” featuring a style that is much different than the signature sound of the band consisting of his father and uncles which he was a part of beginning in 2018.


Eric Lee spent two and a half years as lead vocalist for the Latin Grammy-nominated group, recording on one album with his father, Lee Villarreal, and uncles guiding him on his musical journey.

“What it was is that I wanted to something that’s over here and we did it but Los Desperadoz are over here and what people are used to hearing on this end,” said Eric Lee. “Although some people liked it, it was also like, ‘No that’s not y’all,’ and that’s when I realized branding is everything.”

Award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala added his production expertise to all five songs on Eric Lee’s solo debut EP Toda La Noche, released on October 5.

“Eric approached me about helping him come up with a unique new musical style that would appeal to hardcore Tejano fans as well as position him to bring in a new, younger pop audience to the genre,” said Zavala. “Eric wanted something that would separate him from the established Desperadoz sound. He wanted to make his mark on his terms.”

“Toda La Noche” features a pop cumbia sound meant to attract the younger Tejano generation and the lead single for an EP with a forward-thinking sound trying to expand the musical horizon of the Tejano industry to compete with other genres by focusing on a younger demographic.

“It’s going to just rock your socks off,” said Eric Lee. “I just wanted to have a party album. I wanted everybody to be pumped and dance to our music. To really just bring good vibes and nostalgia. If you are just having a bad day I really feel that any one of these songs will just light you back up and make you feel good!”

“Toda La Noche” and the full EP from Eric Lee are available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

Eric Lee — “Toda La Noche” (Lyric Video)
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