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Beatriz Y Deztino return with new single and video ‘Muevelo’

After five years away from music, the San Antonio singer returns with an energetic cumbia.

Beatriz Y Destino — “Muevelo”
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After a five-year hiatus, Beatriz Y Deztino have returned with a new single and music video “Muevelo.”


The visual for the energetic cumbia incorporates the family of singer Beatriz Rojas to showcase part of the reason she took a break from music and the importance of inspiring future generations with Tejano music and culture.

“Being with the five-year gap, we took some time for family, our kids were younger and now that they’re older we’re trying to get them into the music as well playing instruments,” Rojas tells Tejano Nation. “You know, kind of inspire families to keep Tejano music going to their families as well to play it for their kids and just inspire them to do music overall because to us music cures all of our problems, when we’re sad when we’re happy. Music just incorporates into all of it so we decided to keep our kids involved in the video and the making of the song as well.”

“Muevelo” is the lead single from an upcoming sophomore album from Beatriz Y Deztino that is scheduled for release in 2022. The track is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

Beatriz released her debut album, Mi Tesoro, in March 2015 that was produced by three-time Grammy nominee Jason Martinez of Grupo Vida.  Beatriz co-wrote several songs on the album.

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