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Yeisi fills ‘Reminiscencias’ album with collaborations and diversity

The Rio Grande Valley singer showcases collaborations and diversity with second Tejano album.

After 7 months of hard work in the studio, Yeisi releases his new Tejano album, Reminiscencias which translates to “reminiscing.” It is an album characterized by variety and diversity.


Yeisi maintains the classic Tejano sound that prevailed on the his debut Tejano album, Romance Tejano, but also incorporates some surprises. Reminiscencias features eight songs, five of which were written by Yeisi.

Latin Grammy-winning songwriter Juan Treviño contributes his songwriting skills on “Porque No.”  Miguel Lopez and Jerry Alvarez, whose songs have been recorded by artists such as Jay Perez and Elida Reyna, also contributed with the song “Ven.”  The duet “Te Tuve y Te Perdi” features two-time back to back Latin Grammy nominee for Best Tejano Album, El PlanLas Fenix also collaborated on this album with “Te Quiero,” a beautiful duet with Yeisi.  Last but not least, Reminiscencias includes the Tejano classic “Vuelvo” written by Ricky Vela and recorded by Mazz.

The production team behind this new album is once again second to none.  Reprising his role as the mastermind behind four of the tracks for the album is the legendary 16-time Grammy and Latin Grammy winner Gilbert Velazquez. Velazquez and his amazing group of musicians, which include Chente Barrera and Brando Mireles, provided their talents once again in the studio.  

The remaining four tracks were the work of Latin Grammy winner Jair Alcala, producer and vocalist for El Plan.  Yayo, as Alcala is known to his friends, is highly respected in the Regional Mexican community for his accordion skills which earned him an Latin Grammy in 2020 for his work with international Mexican super star Alejandro Fernandez.  Three of the songs produced by Alcala feature the bajosexto skills of Aaron “Pantera” Martinez of La Firma.  

The mixing engineer is once again 8x Grammy and Latin Grammy winner Abelardo Rivera, who served an integral part in connecting all the collaborators and artists for the album.  Finalizing this album is 8x Grammy and Latin Grammy winner Jaime Cavazos as Mastering Engineer.  

Filled with collaborations and diversity, Reminiscencias has something for everyone.

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