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Genyva covers ‘Casa Triste’ to honor loved ones that have passed away

The Rio Grande Valley singer feels the mariachi tune is one needed now to honor loved ones lost during the pandemic.

Genyva | Courtesy photo

Genyva was behind the recent huge collaboration featuring 25 powerful female voices later this month with Tejanas Unidas En Cristo and the Rio Grande Valley singer has also released “Casa Triste,” a mariachi tune that she feels is needed now with many suffering the loss of loved ones during the pandemic.


“This song talks about how we lost our certain loved one, we have this pain in our heart that we can’t get rid of and we just miss them, we miss their smile,” Geynva tells Tejano Nation. “This song just speaks about what we feel at that time of loss.”

“Casa Triste” was originally recorded by Mexican singer Yesenia Flores and Genvya felt it was a song she needed to record herself. The nominee for Best New Female Artist at the 2009 Tejano Music Awards originally planned to release it on Mother’s Day to honor her mother, who passed away earlier this year, but she felt this song is needed now.

“The original plan was to release it next year on Mother’s Day for my mom but when I heard it I felt like why am I gonna wait when people are losing their moms this minute and their hurting for their mother, their father, their child, their grandmother, grandpa. They’re hurting for them at this moment, not six months from now,” she said. “I decided to release it and share my pain with their pain.”

“Casa Triste” from Genyva is available to stream or download on your favorite digital music platform.

Genyva — “Casa Triste”
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