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El Dusty and Zairah Team Up To Release New Single “Catch It”

The fierce women empowerment anthem from the Texas producer and L.A. rapper is due out September 10.

El Dusty (Photo: Carlos Israel) and Zairah (Facebook photo)

Corpus Christi, TX – El Dusty is ready to drop his newest collaboration with “Catch it” featuring La Madrina del Pari Rap, Zairah! Produced by El Dusty and written by Zairah, the new track compliments Zairah’s hypersensual lyrical prowess as she raps in Spanglish, “Mira como lo hecho patra, can you catch it?” The new song is due out September 10 and will be available everywhere you stream music.


The dance floor ready, poppin’ beat hits hard with its puro pinche bass. “‘Catch It’ is a bright light! Me and Dusty really wanted to have fun with this one! We’ve all been through so much in the last year and it feels great to have something so positive and fun come out from all of that,” comments Zairah.

Written strictly for the ladies, Zairah continues, “I wanted to give my toxicas a song to have fun to, to be able to say I smoke, I drink, I twerk and act up and I’m still the shit. Let me have my fun. We don’t have to slow down, you just have to keep up or byyyyyyyye papi! I love being able to express that as a woman in the male-dominated world of Latin music.”

The new song will drop with a video that taps into Zairah’s sexual and sensual lyrical prose, performed at a Soundsystem dance party set against the gorgeous coast of Corpus Christi. Filmed in early 2021, Zairah met up with producer El Dusty, director Justin Hoskins, and co-producer Steve Gonzalez at Produce Studios located in downtown Corpus Christi.

She recalls, “The single was recorded in LA, Dusty hit me up with this crazy beat and I knew I had to jump on it! We had never met but we love him out here in Cali and I was so excited to work with him. So, we were both really hype about it and had this whole elaborate plan for how the music video is gonna go down. But of course, we planned the music video shoot in Corpus Christi, Texas for EXACTLY the week the Texas blackout happened. Ah man, it was bad. I remember he hit me up like the day before I’m supposed to travel and he’s like ‘yeah so the weather is really bad’ and I’m thinking it’s chill it can’t be that cold in Texas. I open Twitter. It’s THAT cold. So, we ended up having to move everything to mid-March and we were all fingers crossed cause we had no idea what to expect. My friends out there had no lights or water weeks before. But luckily the week my team flew in, Corpus was beautiful as could be and things were returning to somewhat normal. It’s sad everything they went through because of those outages. But everyone pushed through and worked really hard to make this music video happen, so it’s something we’re all really proud of.”

Produced by an all-star team with El Dusty and Steve Gonzales at the helm, “Catch it” brings El Dusty’s masterful approach drawing from a crate-digging and turntablist tradition and links Latin classics with the new generation of bass-heavy Soundsystem’s of hip-hop cultures.

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The Latin Grammy-nominated composer, arranger, and ringmaster, Dusty is considered by some to be the inventor of Cumbia Electronica. He has been feeding cumbia into his sound processor and synthesizer before the turn of the millennium as he translates the Southern Texas border experience into new anthems where the MPC2000 sampler and chopped clips of Latin and reggae music history collide.

Reflecting back on the single, Zairah comments, “We’ve all been through so much in the last year and it feels great to have something so positive and fun come out of all that struggle. We really had SUCH AN AWESOME time on set and I think it was very clear that we were all so happy to be a part of something that wasn’t lonely pizza time on a quarantine couch, me entiendes? Our teams just vibed off each other and it was a beautiful thing. Seeing the great team that Dusty has and how cool their whole movement is and how we all just meshed was so dope.

People are gonna see the power of Cali and Texas coming together, the power in unity and that’s gonna break barriers in the Latin music world cause that’s never been done. It’s something Latin culture has been missing out on. Being raised in a Puerto Rican and Mexican household and being half Nicaraguan, unity is something so familiar to me. And as long as I’m around, you’re just gonna have to get used to it.”

Los Angeles-based, Mexican and Nicaraguan Latin rapper Zairah has garnered attention for her bold lyrical flow, fearless genre-blending, and captivating loud stage presence. She is a world-class act who is pioneering the Latin Party sound globally. Known as “La Madrina of PariRap” (the Godmother of Party Rap) from fans and critical tastemakers alike, she has impressed critics around the globe from Remezcla, The Breakfast Club, The Source, Dash, and iHeart Radio to Spain’s Fleek Mag & Binary Mag and Australia’s KISS FM & FBI Radio. Most recently, Zairah was heard at Glastonbury Festival’s VR Lost Horizon in 2021. Along the way, she has performed alongside renowned acts such as Ivy Queen, De La Ghetto, and now with El Dusty!

Currently El Dusty is on tour! Delivering high energy and massive dance floor beats, El Dusty’s live performances are not to be missed. Accompanied by The Homies, an assortment of live performers including celebrated percussionists, vocalists, and at times dancers. The full list of tour dates is here and listed below.

9/17 Mala Vida Austin, TX
9/18 Brewster Street Corpus Christi, TX
9/24 Paper Tiger San Antonio, TX
10/30 Dia De Los Muertos Corpus Christi, TX
12/3 Nectar Lounge Seattle, WA
12/4 Global Based Portland, OR

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