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Anthony Treviño shares the origin story of South TX Homies and band’s success after debut album

The accordionist reveals the origin of the Latin Grammy-nominated group, their instant success, and more with The AC Cruz Podcast.

Anthony Treviño | Photo: Vic Gonzalez

South TX Homies accordionist Anthony Treviño revealed the origin story of the Latin Grammy-nominated band and shared the reason behind the instant success of the group in an interview with The AC Cruz Podcast.


South TX Homies burst on the scene in January 2020 and released their debut album It’s Time a few months later, an album that earned a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Tejano Album. The conjunto features former members of The Hometown Boys including Trevino, who shared the band was created after a conversation between Hometown Boys members and siblings Rosie and Bobby Martinez about their father Roman Martinez, and the future of the legendary group.

Treviño recalls, “Rosie tells Bobby, ‘Hey dad tells me that whenever he passes away he’s taking the name with him so that’s it the band’s done.’ Bobby says, ‘Well what are we supposed to do?’ and she was like, ‘I don’t know, he doesn’t want nobody to use the name that when he passes away that’s it. No more Hometown Boys’.”

Bobby Martinez had the idea of starting his own band but unfortunately was critically injured in an auto accident in March 2019 after suffering a stroke while driving. Treviño decided to create South TX Homies with Bobby in mind and had huge success after less than two years together that Trevino credits to the support of the fans and industry.

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