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Gary Hobbs tributes classic Chicano sound with ‘Querida’ ft. David Marez, Joe Posada and La 45

This collaboration pays tribute to '70s Chicano music that influenced Hobbs growing up in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Gary Hobbs | Photo: Thomas Vasquez / Tommy Gunz Photography

Gary Hobbs honors the classic Chicano sound of the 1970s with a new single, “Querida,” which features Tejano music legends David Marez and Joe Posada and the amazing brass sound of La 45.


“I wanted to pay a tribute to ’70s Chicano music,” said Hobbs. “It was that style of music that influenced me growing up in Eagle Pass. What a blessing to have legends David Marez and Joe Posada along with the next Chicano generation sounds of LA 45 collaborating on this project.”

“Querida” — Gary Hobbs, David Marez, Joe Posada ft. La 45
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The song was written by Hector Gutierrez and the tune features the classic orquestra sound that influenced Hobbs including iconic bands like Latin Breed and Royal Jesters.

“That’s who I listened to Chicano first and I was hooked,” Hobbs tells Tejano Nation. “I was just amazed with the Royal Jesters, how many singers that could sing solo, and Latin Breed, those two bands, those were my favorites.”

Hobbs had dreamed of recording a duet with former Latin Breed lead vocalist Jimmy Edward, but unfortunately, the legendary singer passed away in February 2020. Hobbs heard that La 45 are working on a tribute album for Jimmy Edward and thought it would be great to have them collaborate on “Querida.”

“It was a total collaboration,” said Hobbs. “Hope this makes some of you go back in time and reminisce of the ’70s Chicano sound!”

“Querida” is a project for the fans and currently isn’t available to buy but can be streamed on the Gary Hobbs Official YouTube channel and other digital music platforms. An official music video for “Querida” is currently in the plans for the near future.

Hobbs plans to release another single, “Quizas Yo,” from his current album Lo Que Amo and will head back to the studio to write and record music for a follow-up album.

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