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Legendary Tejano singer Jimmy Edward passes away at 68

The iconic voice of countless Tejano classic hits passed away on Sunday at age 68.

Tejano and Chicano music legend Jimmy Edward has passed away, according to sources. He was 68. Details of his death weren’t immediately known.


The singer was known as the iconic voice of countless hits over his career of more than five decades. An original member of The Latin Breed, the legendary band confirmed the news of his passing on Sunday via social media, “You mentored many and inspired thousands throughout your career. Thank you, Jimmy, for leaving us your footprints…every step of the way.”

As news of Jimmy Edward’s passing traveled throughout the Tejano music industry, Tejano stars took to social media to express their sadness for the loss of the Tejano legend.

David Marez shared details on his last meeting with Jimmy Edward, “Jimmy I am heartbroken. I didn’t know when I saw you two weeks ago my friend it would be my last. I will treasure our last conversation. What an amazing gift you left us with…that undeniable gift of your voice. We will see each other again my brother, heaven just gained an incredible voice. Never will I lose that memory.

Shelly Lares shared her grief on the singer’s passing, ” I heard the news about my dear friend, Tejano ICON and legend Jimmy Edward…words cannot explain the love and respect I will always have for him. He was a good Faithful man of God and an AMAZING vocalist. I have so many memories of him and I will continue to hold them close to my heart. I pray for peace and comfort for his entire family. Thank you for the amazing way you moved us thru your beautiful character and your amazing music. Rest in peace my brother, till we meet again.”


The crooner is considered by many as a legend in his own time and one of Tejano’s most remarkable vocalists. Jimmy Edward recently celebrated 56 years in the music industry. According to an Entertainment Legends of San Antonio bio, he started at the tender age of 12 playing bass with a local high school band when the band lost their lead singer it was Jimmy Edward’s time to shine and the rest is history.

Jimmy Edward was born on March 16, 1951, in San Antonio, Texas. In 1969, he helped form the original Latin Breed, one of Tejanos music’s most creatively and commercially successful groups. The band produced several albums – the popular Return of the Latin Breed and Mas Latin Breed – as well as perhaps the first Tejano anthem, the song “El Tejano Enamorado”.

Jimmy Edward went solo in 1975 with his debut album Memories, which contained mostly English songs but also featured the old Mexican classic “Diez y Seis Anos,” which became a mega-hit reaching #4 on the Billboard regional chart. In 1982, he scored again with “Tu Prieto.” In the 1990s he began to singing Spanish-language Christian Music.

Captivated by Latin contemporary Christian music, Edward released a Latin gospel album, Cristianos (Christians), in April 1996. Edward released two more full-lengths, Tejano Allstars and My Special Album, over the course of the next few years.

In recent years, Jimmy, a devoted Christian, has dedicated himself to traveling throughout the state with his own ministry evangelizing and testifying to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ while still maintaining his Tejano roots.

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